10 Celebrities Who’ve Tattooed Other Stars’ Faces on Their Bodies

10 Celebrities Who’ve Tattooed Other Stars’ Faces on Their Bodies
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At one time or another, our parents drilled into our minds that tattoos are permanent, so choosing the right one is a big deal. For some, the right tattoo is a loved one’s signature. For others, it’s a meaningful quote. However, for the pop-culture junkie (ahem, us), the decision is clear: If you’re going to get a tattoo, go all-out and ink your favorite celebrity’s face.

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Clearly, plenty of people in Hollywood are on the same page, judging by the number of celebrities who’ve tattooed their idols’ faces on their bodies. Even household names like Drake and Miley Cyrus were on the other side of the red velvet rope at one point, so it makes sense that they’d express their devotion with some permanent ink.

Ahead, take a peek at 10 celebrities who’ve gotten tats of other famous people.

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Along with a tattoo of Lil Wayne on his bicep, the rapper also has tats of Aaliyah on his back and Sade on his side. In May, he teased that he wants to ink Celine Dion on his ribcage.

Prince Jackson

Prince has a tattoo of his late father, Michael Jackson, on his calf. The tat shows the King of Pop in his signature pose (arms in the air; ankles crossed) with angel wings behind him.

Amber Rose
Amber Rose

The model and self-proclaimed Guns N' Roses superfan inked the face of her favorite musician, Slash, on her upper arm. The ink covers up a tat of her ex, Wiz Khalifa.

Rob Kardashian

The lone Kardashian-Jenner brother tattooed his the face of his mom, Kris Jenner, on his forearm. The ink matches a tattoo of the reality star's late father, Robert Kardashian, on his other arm.

Megan Fox

Before removing it in 2012, the "Transformers" star had a tattoo of Marilyn Monroe on her forearm.

Justin Bieber

In Jelena's heyday, Justin Bieber tattooed the face of his then-girlfriend, Selena Gomez, on his wrist. Despite trying to cover up the ink with some shading, the tat of the "Fetish" singer, who is now dating The Weeknd, remains.

Zayn Malik

Years ago, when the former One Direction member was dating Little Mix singer, Perrie Edwards, he tattooed her likeness on his bicep. However, after they broke up and Malik moved on to model Gigi Hadid, the singer has covered up the tat with a UFO space scene.

Ryan Cabrera

In 2013, singer Ryan Cabrera caught media attention when he steppd out on the red carpet with a tattoo of actor Ryan Gosling on his calf.

Dean McDermott

"Chopped Canada" host Dean McDermott has a tattoo of his wife and "Beverly Hills: 90210" star, Tori Spelling, right above his elbow.

Sarafree Samuels

The rapper tattooed his longtime girlfriend, Nicki Minaj, on his forearm. However, after the couple broke up in 2014, Samuels erased his ink of the "Starships" singer and covered it up with roses.

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