Target’s Lilly Pulitzer Collection Crashes Website, Sells Out in Minutes


Even if you weren’t an eager shopper at the time, you probably remember that, in 2011, Target teamed up with Missoni, the Italian brand known for its knits and patterns. The collection made headlines not just for the merchandise itself, but for the fact that shoppers were so manic that they famously crashed the retailer’s website, causing every item to sell out within minutes, contributing to Target’s 3.7% net profit boost that quarter.  It appears Target is experiencing a sequel of sorts, with its Lilly Pulitzer collection.

The site——crashed immediately after the anticipated p 250-piece collaboration went live at 3 a.m., which means if you wanted to score that pink and green seashell-printed tunic, you probably waited until the actual stores opened Sunday morning.

For its part, Target adressed the frenzy on social media at 7 a.m. Sunday, posting: “We know you’re frustrated & we’re sorry. We appreciate your patience. You can now shop the ‪#‎LillyforTarget‬ collection.” and “Due to the overwhelming excitement for the #LillyforTarget collection we are making adjustments to our website. Stay tuned for updates.”

Still, folks are not happy they didn’t get a fair shot to shop Palm Beach’s favorite label. “@Target I’m gonna SCREAM,” Twitter user @mahonesbabe7 wrote, while @LoveAndyC tweeted “@Target This is such bullshit. It’s 3:50am here. What a joke. How can you not be prepared for this?”

We were able to get onto the site at 9:30 a.m., but—surprise—pretty much every single item was long gone, save for a few decorative peices like a pink candle holder.