Target Vs. Madewell: Must We Crash Websites To Sell?

Jessica Rubin

On September 13th, the shoppers of the world were dismayed to find that they could not access Target’s site. Missoni for Target was released and minutes later the website crashed, rendering the many waiting credit cards useless, unable to pay for the intended merchandise.

Well, fast forward to September 22nd. Alexa Chung, our favorite fashion “it” girl, released a new collection for Madewell. We were all excited, considering many of us admire and lust after Chung’s laid-back, trendy aesthetic. And then, the inevitable tweet: “Congrats! You crashed the@madewell1937 website with the purchase onslaught. Glad you like it! Xxxx.” Not so fast Ms. Chung. We like it, but let’s not get glib over the website crashing.

For the designers and retailers, it’s a symbol of popularity and large demand on their product, the failure of e-commerce is both frustrating and debilitating for those of us who cannot access these iconic collaborations or limited edition collections through the stores themselves. Isn’t the purpose of online shopping to expand the availability of products?

If paralyzing the internet is the modern retail status symbol, let’s hope we come up with a new platform for remote shopping. Considering the backlash from the Missoni for Target fiasco, the crashing wars could result in angry consumers and boycotts. Now Alexa Chung, we wouldn’t want that, would we?

Image courtesy of Madewell.

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