Target Has Platform Teva Dupes For $30 & You’re Going to Love the Colors

Target Has Platform Teva Dupes For $30 & You’re Going to Love the Colors
Photo: Courtesy of Target. Design: Sasha Purdy / StyleCaster.

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It’s June 1, which means if you’re anything like me, sandals and summer accessories are top of mind. In New York, we’re already seeing 90-degree days, so the last thing I want to do is cover my feet in my usual leather boots or sneakers. Luckily, Target has sandal options that are actually cute, like these Teva dupes for $30. Best of all, the shoes come in a few color ways, including solid neutral colors and a pastel blend in pink and blue.

One shopper noted how durable they are, even for long walks or hikes. “Amazing shoes, I cannot recommend them enough,” they wrote. “The first time I wore these was on a 3-mile challenging hike that involved crossing streams and climbing rocks and these sandals were comfortable and secure the entire time.”

The fact that these sandals have a platform element make them even better—even though I’m 5’9, I still love a little height. You can adjust the straps in the heel and over the top of the foot to get a customized fit that’s comfortable. Plus, if you’re totally over wearing sneakers with your summer dress, this is a great swap that’ll keep you cool in the process. Forget going through sweaty socks each day; it’s time to finally let those puppies breathe.

Holden Platform Sport Sandals

Courtesy of Target.

Assorted Pinks Platform Sport Sandals

Just take another shopper’s glowing words for it: “The foam footbed felt great while I worked standing on my feet all day.” OK comfort plus fashion is literally a summer dream. One of the main reasons I usually avoid sandals in the summer is because they don’t hold up to all the walking I do around the city. But if someone can work in these babies all day, I can certainly go on a long stroll with them.

Blue Platform Sandals

Courtesy of Target.

Assorted Blues Platform Sandals

They also come in black, green and tan solid colors, so pick up a few if you like the style and fit. It may be time for hot girl summer, but your feet don’t have to be hot in the process, too.

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