Tanteo Tequila


An encounter with first-rate liquor is unforgettable and a glass of Tanteo tequila is a dream come true.

Jonathan Rojewski and Lincoln Mayne launched Tanteo this past December after two years of perfecting the formula. Made with 100% authentic agave tequila, Tanteo uses all natural extracts for its chocolate, tropical and jalapeño infused tequilas. Very daring and succinct, Tanteo is a treat for the taste buds.

“There are some superb blanco, anejo and reposado tequilas on the market already,” explains Rojewski. “We thought it was time for a superior tasting tequila that not only celebrates the intensely rich traditions and heritage of Mexico’s national drink but also satisfies the contemporary thirst for bold, refined flavors and a sophisticated taste profile.”

Co-founder Lincoln Mayne, who is an award winning graphic artist, created the Tanteo bottle where the audacious sensibility of SoHo was mixed with the rustic demeanor of Mexico. While the company’s headquarters are in SoHo, the production and distillation of Tanteo is done in small batches in Tequila, Mexico.

Tanteo adds enough spice for the summer and is unlike anything we’ve ever tasted before so drink with courage.

Tanteo tequila is available at liquor stores throughout New York City.