No Tanning Mom, Please! 10 Celebrities I’d Like To See In Playboy

Spencer Cain

If you haven’t heard about “Tanning Mom,” then you have been living under a rock. And honestly, I’m a little bit jealous — because she is one of the most terrifying women that has ever graced the face of this fine planet. She is everything wrong with our society and more. If all of the negative stereotypes regarding Long Island morphed into one outrageous melting pot of atrociousness, it would be Tanning Mom.

Naturally, this mother of the year is interested in furthering her career and notoriety, and has expressed a desire in posing for Playboy. Oy. Almost immediately, the Playboy team fired back and stated that there is no way in hell they would allow this to occur, for which we should all be grateful. But this got me thinking — ever since Lindsay Lohan‘s outrageously high profile cover (for which she was paid a million bucks), there hasn’t been anyone that’s really struck my fancy.

Let me clear one thing up: I’m not a total perv, I don’t even like chicks, but I have always been able to appreciate Playboy. While many men are known for claiming they “just buy it for the articles,” I actually have bought it for the articles. Playboy features a myriad of accomplished journalists and their photographers are top notch. Thus, I’ve compiled a list of ten celebrities who I think should bare all for the legendary mag.

Click through the gallery above and let me know your thoughts — is there anyone else you think should become better acquainted with that iconic bunny?