‘Tag a Cat’ Is Basically Tinder For Cat Lovers

Leah Bourne
tag a cat app page

Photo Via Tag a Cat

Since Tinder hit the scene in 2012, it’s spawned a million copycat apps that also use GPS technology. Our new favorite? Tag A Cat, which lets users find cat-loving contacts in their area by viewing photos of—you guessed it—cats. Because really, why bother finding a potential life mate, when you can connect online with someone who shares your passion for cats?

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Photo Via Tag a Cat

In a similar vein to social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, users of the app can follow their favorite feeds, comment on photos, and make friends with fellow cat owners. What really sets this app apart, though, is the GPS locator component, which could effectively allow you to find Snuggles a play date within a five-block radius of your home.

A spokesman for Tag a Cat told The Daily Mail: “Tag A Cat is for people who can’t get enough of cats, and want to share their own cat pics with like-minded people. It offers a simple and intuitive user interfaces that can help people to create their own feed of new cat pics.”


Photo Via Tag a Cat

Between viral cat videosTaylor Swift regularly walking around carrying hers, Karl Lagerfeld’s kitty Choupette (who’s become a social media star), and now this app, it’s clear feline fever isn’t going away anytime soon.

Tag a Cat is free to download from the iTunes app store now. Meow.

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