Taco Bell Is Now Making Socks (and They’re Seriously Awesome)

Meghan Blalock

There’s not much news that sets off a clamor of excitement and energy around here quite like the news we heard today: Taco Bell is going to release taco-printed socks.

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Appropriately, sensing that most people would probably think it was totally fake, Taco Bell debuted the socks on its official Twitter account—after a huge launch party in their honor at SXSW—with the phrase, “This is not a drill.”

The socks, which are a collaboration with stocking brand The Hundreds, are covered in some of Taco Bell’s most beloved Mexican treats: tacos (of course), chalupas, and gorditas abound. (And they would make a perfect accomplice to that Pizza Hut perfume that came out last year.)

taco bell socks 2

The socks haven’t hit shelves yet, but if this image is to be believed, they’re going to come in two color varieties. Here’s a close-up of the print, which Taco Bell also tweeted:

taco bell socks

And here’s an actual pair of the socks, scored by an attendee at Taco Bell’s SXSW party:

taco bell socks 3

Photo: Twitter.com/mahtaliban

For our part, we can’t say much more than this GIF wordlessly conveys. Keep your eyes and ears to the ground for the collaboration’s release date!

taco bell

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