T-Mobile Launches New Sidekick, Overexposed Reality Stars Come Out to Celebrate


Does Kim Kardashian ever take a night off to just stay home with her boyfriend? Evidently not, since the Keeping up With the Kardashians star was at it again last night, shoulder pads and all, to celebrate the launch of yet another T-Mobile Sidekick (yawn). Joining Kim on the red carpet were other perpetual partiers Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt, Paris Hilton (with boyfriend Doug Reinhardt), and newly reunited Pink and Carey Hart.

It was a nice surprise to see Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz- since the birth of baby Bronx we haven’t seen much of them on the party scene. Kim, maybe take a cue from Pete and Ashlee, you know what they say – absence makes the heart grow fonder.



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