T.I. Releases New Music Video Despite Prison Sentence


T.I. just released his new music video for his song, “Remember Me,” featuring Mary J. Blige. T.I. was arrested earlier this year on felony weapon charges and the music video (shot prior to his incarceration) focuses on T.I.’s time in prison.

Now, I may be misguided in this deduction but as this video indicates to me, prison is not half bad. Mary J. Blige is there with you. Light flares pretty much fantastically blur out any unattractive people in the prison yard. And apparently you can teleport in and out of prison to check in on your loved ones. (Side note: I originally wanted to use the word, “apparate” in there but was recently informed that term is only found in Harry Potter… I’m a child.)

While the re-release of T.I.’s album Paper Trail is not until August, you can purchase the original Paper Trail now.