Girls Gone Wild: Watch The Frightening Video From The T by Alexander Wang Giveaway

Meghan Blalock

In case there was any question about how a die-hard group of fashionistas would respond to an all-you-can-grab T by Alexander Wang giveaway, this video might clear things up for you in a very frightening way.

Earlier this summer, the hip designer sent out an elusive invite to fans, writers, editors, and other tastemakers in New York City, detailing when and where to arrive for an exclusive event, but not describing what that event actually was. When the doors opened, it turned out to be a massive giveaway—yes, meaning as many free clothes as you can grab—from his sportier lower-priced line T by Alexander Wang.

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In the days following the crazy event, editors were left scratching their heads a bit: why would Wang give away such a large amount of clothing for free? It turns out it was all an art project: the entire thing was filmed, and the resulting footage was compiled by “Jawbreaker” director Darren Stein.

Things that actually happened: Punching. Fighting. Crawling on the floor. Screaming. Grabbing. Stealing. There’s nothing we can say to capture the insanity of the bacchanal, so enough reading and watch the clip above!