SXSW Power List: 25 People You Need to Know

With South by Southwest (or as it’s more commonly known, SXSW) beginning today, influencers in the tech space, Hollywood, and the music business are all making the journey to Austin, Texas. Until March 17, the city will be taken over for a series of festivals, conferences, and other events celebrating accomplishments across the entertainment and tech industries.
Of course, this draws out a major crowd, and this year, attendees will include everyone from Justin Timberlake to former Vice President Al Gore. There will also be some familiar faces, like Bergdorf Goodman’s social media manager Cannon Hodge, a Texas native who will be speaking on a fashion and technology panel.
Those are merely a few of the prominent people heading south. In the slideshow above, we’ve prepared a Power List, detailing 25 people you definitely want to keep your eye on over the course of the festival’s events.
Click through for a look at the notable folks at SXSW—from celebrities to gatekeepers!