SXSW Day #2: Gorilla Vs. Booze Show


Currently I’m at day four out my week of Home Alone. The novelty of eating ice cream for dinner, singing in the shower (I usually refrain given my roommates are all trained singers), and watching Batman has worn away. Meanwhile my envy of their time in Austin for SXSW has grown as I miss them more and more.

I’m super jealous they’re in Austin and able to catch the Gorilla Vs. Booze show at The Peacock showcasing an amazing collection of buzz bands: Harlem, Here We Go Magic, Girls, the Golden Filter, Wavves, White Denim and Vivian Girls. Here are my three favorites from this line up:

Brooklyn native Here We Go Magic is a soothing rock mix of synth rhythms and ambient vocals for a sound that’s forward thinking without being forced.

Hailing from Cailforina Waaves uses heavy distortion and clever repetition to play up their boy/girl vocals to present a fun surfer pop sound.

My favorite of this showcase is New York’s own The Golden Filter. So simple to describe: sultry and sexy dance beats.

If you take a cue from The Golden Filter’s lead singer, pick up some sequins like now. This sequin wave miniskirt by Gryphon is phenomenal and perfect for any and all existing or aspirational female rockers.

The skirt’s also really great because it’s micro mini so it won’t take up too much room in your bag for next year’s SXSW trip!