SXSW Day #1: Abe Vigoda and Little Boots


Whimper. My roommates have abandoned me. They left me and our Brooklyn apartment behind in their wake of dust as the set out on the 24 hour drive to Austin, Texas. Everyone is currently making the pilgrimage to play the South by Southwest (SXSW) music festival. Everyone except for me who baked 24 chocolate chip cookies for my roommates’ trip. Due to car space restrictions, the sad full Tupperware had to be left behind. I ate them all.

Meanwhile, I am living vicariously through Savoir Adore and French Horn Rebellion and voting to see the Levi’s FADER Fort show tonight. Draw #1: Abe Vigoda. (The Californian punk band. Not the Godfather actor. Just to clarify) Draw #2: Little Boots.

Already with two albums (Reviver and Skeleton), Abe Vigoda is a tropical punk band with serious LA presence. Meanwhile, UK native Little Boots (Victoria Hesketh) with collaboration from Hot Chips Joe Goddard is crazy fun disco pop.

I love this photo of Little Boots for not only her awesome rocker stance but also this totally unique feather trim. Im kind of in love with this I Heart Norwegian Woods Feather Fringe Necklace in gold and silver. Although the necklace is overwhelming at first, if it were paired with a totally dressed down look like a t-shirt and boyfriend jeans, it would make an incredible statement piece.

At only $59, I cant resist this necklace. I guess I can use the gas money Im not spending getting myself to Austin. Le weep.