SXSW Day #1.5: Janelle Monae Performs


Whenever I think of crowd surfing, I think of that part in Waynes World 2 when Wayne and Garth jump off the balcony onto crowd during an Aerosmith concert. While Wayne laughs, Garth murmurs and mumbles trying to convince himself hes, having fun. If Wayne and Garth represent the extremes on the crowd surfing gamut, sassy Janelle Monae would definitely be at the Wayne end of the spectrum.

Literally diving into the crowd at her SXSW show at Stubbs in Austin, Texas last night, Janelle Monae stunned an otherwise tame audience as she surfed overhead. While Monae can be likened to Santogold Santigold, she has yet to reach that level of popularityalthough her stage presence would have you believing seriously otherwise. Monaes music experiments with funkadelic groove, jazz and curious female vocals pushing the limits of audio comfort.

Janelle Monaes style is also kick ass. She pulls off the menswear inspired looks wonderfully by keeping her blazers and trousers well tailored to maintain a feminine silhouette. It doesnt hurt that shes gorgeous too.

Meanwhile, Im loving her tuxedo shirt, neck tie and saddle shoes. Saddle shoes. The last time I said, Saddle shoes I was seven sitting in a booster seat with a rooster on the seat at a childrens shoe store called, Lad and Lassie. This pair of f-troupe saddle shoes from Habitat are a nice spin on the traditional black and white saddle shoe. The grey suede and red patent leather are quirky but more mature. I want.

The best part about saddle shoes? You dont have to worry about putting a stiletto in anyones eye when you crowd surf.