Five Style Bloggers Interpret Rock ‘N’ Roll Trend for Summer

Liz Doupnik

We all love all the flirty and girly looks that have been dominating the season so far. Not only will the new breezy silhouettes keep us cool, but being able to switch out our tight trousers for light dresses is a real relief.

That said, nothing can really replace our favorite combat boots and definitely not our trusty leather jackets. We’ll always be in love with Sid Vicious and sometimes we just need to channel our inner Nancy. It’s not like we can waltz into our secret dive bar in a floral number — let’s be real here.

That’s why we asked some of our favorite fashion bloggers how they’re interpreting their signature rock ‘n’ roll looks for summer. A look that’s based on leather and layers can be trick in the heat — sweat stains are never in style — but the looks these gals came up with are pretty impressive.

Click through the slideshow to check out their coolest looks, and be sure to sign up here to upload your own photos of your best summer looks, rock ‘n’ roll or otherwise!

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