How Sweet It Is: Etsy’s Spring Picks!

Liz Doupnik
How Sweet It Is: Etsy’s Spring Picks!
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I might ruffle some feathers by saying this, but I’m going to go ahead and address a huge taboo: one must have a whopping size wallet in order to have amazing style. For those of you who are already aware of this massive misconception, excuse the repetition. For those of you who are a little shocked, taken back or swimming down the river known as denial, stay with me here. Sure, there are some immaculate and beautiful selections that only a friendly piece of plastic can swipe you, but then again, there’s other finds that are totally accessible.

This was the mindset I was under as I approached this season and also (quite honestly), most of our recent SC photo shoots. With that being said, I took to the internet to not only do some of my own spring shopping, but also search out some inspiration in the form of wearable items for people of all different shapes, sizes and finances. Obviously, the first site that came to came to mind was none other than Etsy. Having been an avid Etsy-ite for some time now, it was a natural marriage to make as we sought to create a vintage-inspired feature with a modern and sweet twist.

Drawing from the quirky, slightly girly and lighthearted attitude most of their vendors possess, it was a natural progression to scout out a location equally as delish: Dewey’s Candy Store in DUMBO. As we shot a lovely employee from the Etsy gang, the rest of us tried to resist the temptation of all the colorful dangling lollipops and barrels full of sugary delights…that we all eventually ended up giving in to anyway (hey, we’re only human). Capturing some of the key 1960s trends of the season, we looked to little skirts and layering lace over t-shirts to update simple shapes and textures.

With such a huge assortment of clothes to play with, it was difficult to pick just a few awesome outfits from this major selection. Click through to see just what we discovered and to shop these one-of-kind looks for your own spring wardrobe.

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How Sweet It Is: Etsy's Spring Picks!

Red Leather Bow Heels, $47.50, Etsy;  Pink and Navy Paisley Blouse, $26.50, Etsy; Gwyneth Vintage Leather Belt in Blue, $43, Etsy; Alisier Skirt, $68.00, Etsy; Antique Victorian Lion Head Bangle, $215, Etsy

Vintage 1980s BONGO Jeans, $49, Etsy; Vintage Elsa Schiaparelli Vintage 1950s Cardigan, $360, Etsy; Vintage 1980s Cherokee Floral Canvas Sneakers, $24, Etsy; Vintage Blouse with Bow, $12, Etsy

Vintage 1960s Floral Dress, $46, Etsy;  Vintage 70s Blouse, $43.13, Etsy;  Butterfly Sash, $65, Etsy;  Vintage 1950s Life Stride Dreamy Green Heels, $25, Etsy

Vintage 1960s Floral Dress, $46, Etsy; Vintage 70s Blouse, $43.13, Etsy; Butterfly Sash, $65,Etsy; Vintage 1950s Life Stride Dreamy Green Heels, $25, Etsy

Blair Oxford Blue Skirt, $96, Etsy; Llamas T-Shirt in Navy Blue, $29, Etsy; Girly Girl Oxblood Red Leather Bow Sash Belt, $219, Etsy; Vintage Moschino Four Strand Pearl Belt, $70, Etsy; Brogues with Pink Accent, $80. Etsy; Vintage 1940s Tulle and Lace Blouse, $50, Etsy

Vintage Pockets Full of Posies Floral Shorts, $28, Etsy;  Red Angora Kitty Sweater, $65, Etsy;  Vintage Polka Dot Blouse, $22, Etsy; Vintage Japanese Floral Ring, $35, Etsy; Vintage Enamel Flower Pins (One of a brooch set), $48, Etsy; Vintage Bally Peachy Pink Pumps, $38, Etsy

Vintage Pockets Full of Posies Floral Shorts, $28, Etsy; Red Angora Kitty Sweater, $65, Etsy; Vintage Polka Dot Blouse, $22, Etsy; Vintage Japanese Floral Ring, $35, Etsy; Vintage Enamel Flower Pins (One of a brooch set), $48, Etsy; Vintage Bally Peachy Pink Pumps, $38, Etsy

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