Sweaters by Granted at PROJECT Las Vegas

Sweaters by Granted at PROJECT Las Vegas
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Vancouver based Granted puts a quirky spin on traditional and vintage sweater shapes. Designed and run by a brother-sister duo, Granted draws inspiration from their natural Vancouver surroundings including wild animals and the artwork of First Nations in British Columbia– the aboriginal Canadian population. Made of 100% wool with yarn hailing from New Zeland, Granted’s chunky sweaters are at a refreshing level of campy.

Weaving (literally) ironic jumping deer and a Smokey the Bear into their sweaters, Granted keeps their brand personality light hearted and tongue in cheek. The designer Brian expands, “We just put a modern spin on it and just changed up the designs a bit so the younger generation could appreciate these hand knits.” To appeal to a broader audience Brian adds, “We do have a few plain cable knits and toggle sweaters that are little more on the basics side.”

100% wool and all of our yarn comes from New Zealand

Granted sweaters and sihlouettes are unisex and sizes run a wide range from extra extra small to extra large and retail for $364-$398.