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Meet Swants: The DIY Sweater Pants That Are Both Terrible And Amazing

Julie Gerstein

 10669527766 056127cab11 Meet Swants: The DIY Sweater Pants That Are Both Terrible And Amazing

Move over Meggings, your moment is over. The new kid on the ridiculously weird clothing block is the Swant.

What are Swants, you ask? They’re sweater-pants, or leggings fashioned from old sweaters that are meant for both women and, oddly, men. Because, explains Swants innovator Stephen West: “Your booty deserves to be just as warm as your torso.”

West is the man behind West Knits, a knitting pattern and design company based in Amsterdam, and he regularly teaches knitting workshops across the U.S. and Europe. He offers a variety of fun patterns on his site, and founded something called the Fun Squad, which West describes as a team of yarn-obsessed friends who “aim to spread the love of yarn in all its forms with the world.” Pretty cool.

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But back to Swants. The key to Swants-making says West, is to get creative. Pick a cheap but fun sweater, because it’ll likely take you a couple tries before you get your Swants just right. Essentially, Swants involve using the arms of your sweater as the legs of your pants. To create your Swants, you’ll need to cut and sew the neck of your sweater shut. Stephen has created a step-by-step tutorial on how to make Swants of your very own.

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He also crafted a very touching Swants poem:

Swants require courage, attitude, and spunk. Every pair you wear is a bingo, yahtzee, slam dunk! Strangers may sneer, but have no fear Because you are a pioneer discovering a new frontier.

The pants also have their own dance, because of course.

What do you think of Swants? Would you wear them?