Check Out Suzy Menkes’ Online-Only Christie’s Action: Vintage Chanel, Pucci, Versace, More

Meghan Blalock

vintage ferragamoChristie’s is known for holding incredible auctions, whether they’ve filled their iconic New York showroom with baubles that once bedecked Elizabeth Taylor or dresses formerly draping Princess Diana. And now, they’re doing something a little different: they’ve started holding online-only auctions.

First up: Influential British fashion journalist Suzy Menkes, who has an incredible collection of vintage wares from the likes of Chanel, Pucci, Versace, and many, many more. And while there are certainly some appopriately-priced high-end pieces, amazingly, there are some that start out bidding for as little as $75, like this fun little seat cushion from a Chanel runway runway cushionAnother stunner is this vintage Gianni Versace printed blouse, which even comes with a little suede evening bag, and starts at a remarkable $226.

versace vintage blouse

The most expensive pieces in the collection start at $1,210, and include a pair of vintage Chanel suits, a personalized Chanel handbag monogrammed with “Suzy,” and this pretty amazing jacket from Yves Saint Laurent circa 1980.

YSL jacket

Head over to Christie’s to see the rest of her amazing collection!

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