Suspicious Minds


On Monday’s episode of “The Bachelorette,” my girl Jillian finally kicked Wes to the curb. Even the voice-over/rarely seen host was waiting for it with his constant questioning of the audience: “Will Jillian finally send Wes home?” Everyone but Jillian knew that Wes had a girlfriend back home. A former contestant returned from the train tracks of Canada just to tell her but she couldn’t see past his country crooning. It took a slip of the tongue to convince her. When telling a story about his “ex,” he mumbled, “my girlfriend…I mean my ex girlfriend.” Player, please.

How do you really know if that cute guy you just started seeing has another lady on the side? Or even worse: if you are actually the lady on the side.

Often times, friends will slide up next to you as he is slipping an arm around your shoulder: “Dude has a girlfriend.” Maybe after the first date, a mutual friend will let it slip that he doesn’t believe your new beau’s ex is out of the picture. However, if all of his boys obey “guy code” and no one says anything, you could find yourselves weeks or months into something and still be noticing suspicious signs everywhere. Then you may find yourself dancing the tightrope between denial and paranoia. That is a dangerous (although hilarious if it weren’t you with the shoes on) dance.