Drop Your Buffs: These ‘Survivor’ Gifts Are So Good, They Might Just Apply For The Show

Katie Decker-Jacoby
Drop Your Buffs: These ‘Survivor’ Gifts Are So Good, They Might Just Apply For The Show

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If you know me on a personal level, you know I’m addicted to the long-standing TV show, Survivor. Before watching, I thought it was just about a bunch of people stranded on an island doing absolutely nothing. But now that I’ve finished 20 of the 42 full seasons and am in the middle of the ongoing 43rd season, I know that the show is much more than randos eating coconuts on a beach. It’s a reality TV show, but one of the competition ones that requires, above all else, social strategy. However, I’m not writing this story to convert you into a Survivor stan; I’m here to share numerous gift ideas for the Survivor fan in your life.

A little while back, my friend gifted me a buff, the long bandana that each contestant wears to signify which tribe they belong to. I was over the moon about it because I didn’t even realize you could buy one online. It was such a unique and thoughtful gift that I still hold near and dear to me.

You wouldn’t expect it, but there are endless gift options for the friend or family member who has invested way too many hours, days, weeks and months binge-watching the best show ever. The first retailer you should check is Etsy, since it’s a treasure trove of creative and often one-of-a-kind items.

In my search for the best Survivor gifts, I instantly found a bunch of products that I myself would be overjoyed to unwrap for the holidays, my birthday or whatever other special occasions there are in the year. Some standouts include challenge replicas (these are for the die-hard fans that live and breathe Survivor), puzzles and, of course, tons of Jeff Probst merch (Probst is the show’s first and only host, and has gained quite the fanbase). 

There’s no shortage of gifts you can buy online for the Survivor enthusiast on your shopping list.

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And if you suddenly find yourself interested in watching the show, let me explain your different options because it gets a little complicated.

If you want every single season in one place, sign up for Paramount Plus. It has all 43 seasons—from the very first, “Survivor: Borneo” (which aired way back in 2000), to the ongoing “Season 43.” You won’t have trouble flying through all 40-plus seasons thanks to Paramount Plus. You could even gift a subscription to the biggest Survivor fan in your life because trust me, they will be forever grateful.

If you don’t have Paramount Plus, don’t stress. Hulu has a handful of seasons, specifically the first one and most of the ones between Season 22 and Season 43. You can also watch the current season with a Hulu + Live TV subscription. It airs every Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET on CBS. You gain access to multiple streaming platforms now that this bundle also comes with Disney+ and ESPN+.

And if you somehow still need more streaming options, check Amazon Prime Video to enjoy several different seasons—whether it’s “Survivor: Cagayan” (Season 28) or “Survivor: Millenials vs. Gen X” (Season 33). I’d highly recommend both of those seasons. Pro Tip: Don’t watch the show in order of seasons. You can start with any of the 43, but I would recommend kicking it off with “Survivor: Cook Islands” (Season 13). Check out this spoiler-free episode guide if you really want to get into it.

Now that I’ve given you the complete breakdown of how to watch Survivor, it’s time for the fun part: the gifts. As a fan myself, I’d say I have a pretty good idea of the presents they’ll want and cherish—and these 10 are the best.

Survivor Buff Etsy

Photo: JessupRoad/Etsy.

‘Survivor’ Buff

If there’s one gift on this list that is absolutely foolproof, it’s this iconic buff. Every single contestant must wear one to indicate their tribe alliance. On the show, they usually wear it as a headband, tube top or armband. I was gifted one IRL and have certainly considered making a Halloween costume out of it.

Survivor Challenge Miniature Replica - Bow Diddley Etsy

Photo: VexzlePuzzles/Etsy.

‘Survivor’ Challenge Miniature Replica

The challenges are arguably the most entertaining parts of the show. Whether it’s a puzzle or a full-blown obstacle course, the challenges are always complex and so well-designed. That’s why I was surprised to find this miniature replica of the Bow Diddley, which is a Survivor challenge staple. Contestants have to balance a tiny ball at the top of their bow as they stand on a beam that gets narrower and narrower (a.k.a. harder to stand on and keep their balance). Any die-hard fan would love this 18-inch long and 5-inch wide replica.

Survivor Candle Etsy

Photo: WriterDesigns/Etsy.

‘Survivor’ Candle

Fire is a key symbol throughout every season, as it quite literally represents each contestant’s life. Whenever Probst snuffs one of the contestant’s fire at Tribal Council, that means their time on the show is over. This Survivor tradition makes this candle the perfect gift. It comes in Sea Breeze, Vanilla Bean and Comfort Spice fragrance options and has the show’s motto, “Outwit, Outplay, Outlast,” on it. 

Survivor Ornament Etsy

Photo: HannahNDesigns/Etsy.

‘Survivor’ Ornament

Don’t let them decorate their tree without this Survivor ornament. It has the show’s motto and the host’s signature line. You can even pick out the color of the ornament and what it’s made from. 

Survivor Mug Etsy

Photo: Pundrella/Etsy.

The Tribe Has Spoken Personalized Mug

This mug features one of Probst’s most iconic lines, which he says after he’s read all of the votes and announced which contestant is getting booted from the show. Unlike the other gifts on this list, this one can be customized. Add a personal touch by including your giftee’s name on the scroll.

Survivor Jeff Probst T-Shirt Etsy

Photo: KintamaniCreations/Etsy.

Jeff Probst Vintage Unisex T-Shirt

Wearing a colorful buff in everyday life might not be practical, so if they would appreciate a gift they can actually wear on the daily, get them this Jeff Probst t-shirt. Its vintage flair makes it a statement shirt they’d probably love to flaunt in public (I know I would). 

Survivor Puzzle Replica Etsy

Photo: VexzlePuzzles/Etsy.

‘Survivor’ Puzzle Replica

Contestants have to complete puzzles in challenges all of the time; ones that look just like this replica. If they’re like me and wonder how they’ll fair in a puzzle showdown, now’s their chance. This one is made up of 30 pieces and celebrates the most recent season. 

Survivor T-Shirt Etsy

Photo: HannahNDesigns/Etsy.

‘Survivor’ Classic T-Shirt

Get them this T-shirt with their name in the middle so that they can wear it in their Survivor audition tape. It comes in sizes Small through 3XL and in an array of vibrant colors. 

Survivor Puzzle Party Pack Etsy


‘Survivor’ Puzzle Party Pack

Honestly who needs UNO or a deck of cards when they have this party pack of Survivor-inspired puzzles? They’re all based on challenges that have actually been solved in the show, like the tree, fire and maze puzzles, but you can also add more to your order. 

Survivor Jeff Probst All-Over Mug Etsy

Photo: HannahNDesigns/Etsy.

Jeff Probst All-Over Mug

Probst is an icon, which means he definitely deserves a coffee mug with his face plastered all over it. Troll your Survivor fan giftee with this hilarious item. You can even choose whether it’s a mug, tumbler or water bottle.

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