Survey Says American Adults Have a Very Active Sex Life


Last month’s Great American Sex Survey, conducted by Adam & Eve, revealed some not-so-shocking yet nonetheless interesting statistics about Americans and their sex lives. 1,000 American adults, age 18 and up, were asked about their sexual preferences and practices, and as it turns out, the majority of us (26% to be exact) are having sex a weekly basis, at the very least. And if you think that’s a lot, then you’ll be shocked to hear that 3% of those polled are having sex every single day. But with that said, I was pretty surprised that a fifth of those surveyed aren’t having sex at all. Here are some more interesting stats gleaned from the survey:

  • 26% of people have sex once or twice a week
  • 18% aren’t sexually active at all
  • 16% have sex three to four times a week
  • 15% have sex once or twice a month
  • 7% have sex every few months
  • 5% are still virgins
  • 3% have sex daily
  • 3% also said they only have sex once or twice a year
  • 1% enjoy sex more than once a day

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