American Men Think Wedges Are Worse Than Crocs and Uggs: Survey

Meghan Blalock
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Really guys? These are worse than Crocs?

Here at StyleCaster, we pride ourselves on doling our style and trend advice based not on what men what but on what women want—that being said, it can be good to take a look at what the other gender likes and dislikes. And there’s probably no part of a woman’s wardrobe more contentious than our shoes.

A new survey conducted by reveals the top 10 styles of ladies’ shoes than 2,103 men just can’t stand, and wedges top the list. 71% of respondents claim that wedges are the ugliest shoe a woman can put on her feet, with Uggs coming in as second ugliest with 67% of men hating them, and Crocs coming in third at 63%.

Yes, you read that correctly: men hate wedges more than they hate Crocs. The horror! Check out the full list below, and keep in mind: most of the time, men don’t know what they’re talking about when it comes to women’s shoes.

1. Wedge shoes; 71%
2. Uggs; 67%
3. Crocs; 63%
4. Platforms; 58%
5. Flip flops; 55%
6. Moccasins; 49%
7. Mary Janes; 42%
8. Ballet shoes; 37%
9. Kitten heels ; 34%
10. Sneakers; 25%

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