Surrealists, Artists and Bohemians, Meet Calourette Jewelry

Surrealists, Artists and Bohemians, Meet Calourette Jewelry
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It’s a testament to the creative scouts at Urban Outfitters that they are constantly discovering and carrying pieces by under-the-radar design talents such as Marianne Rautureau of Calourette. Currently, the mass-market retailer is the only place in the US selling Calourette’s quirky, Surrealist jewelry.

Calourette, which means “little bohemian” in village French, is designed by Rautureau, who also owns a shop by the same name in Paris. Rings shaped like fingers and brooches shaped like flies are par for the course for the collection, which she tells us is meant to be “a little bit crazy, far away from the classical standard.” Inspired by a “fertile imagination, some childhood memories and her holidays spent in Yeu island,” Rautureau designs in a “completely spontaneous way.”

Visit the Calourette website for more information. A few pieces are available online at Urban Outfitters.