12 Smart and Surprising Uses for Scotch Tape

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We all have this guy laying around, right?

Around here, we love a good life hack and we’ve found the best ones typically stem from stuff you have laying around the house. Here, 12 smart and surprising uses for Scotch tape!

Use tape to clean your keyboard.
Sure, they sell that gimmicky spray that blasts grime from your computer keyboard but we’ve found that sticky tape works just as well. For best results, slide a thin strip strip between the rows of your keyboard, and watch as it picks up dirt and crumbs from that bagel you wolfed down the other day.

Use tape as a lint roller replacement.
Doesn’t it always seem that when we need a lint roller the most, there’s never one in sight? Well, Scotch tape does the same thing with aplomb, folks. Simply rub the tape over the lint, and peel back carefully.

Use tape to keep a hem in place.
In a pinch, double-sided adhesive tape fixes falling hemlines if going to the tailor (or busting out the needle and thread) just isn’t an option.

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Use tape to repair shoelaces.
It’s annoying when your laces get all frayed at the ends, right? Wrap a thin piece of Scotch tape around the edges, and you’re good to go. Your Converse will thank you.

Use tape to pick up broken glass
If you accidentally break a glass at home, use Scotch tape to pick tiny remnants that were left behind by the vacuum or the dustpan.

Use tape to create a foolproof cat eye.
Getting the perfect cat eye can be a bitch, but a little tape can make it a whole lot easier. All you need us two small peices  of Scotch tape to create a triangular shape at the outer corner of your eye. From there, fill in the space with liner and take off the tape. The beauty of this hack is that it allows you to create a variety of looks, from super-thin flicks to thicker retro-style winged liner—it all depends on where you put the tape.

Use tape to check produce’s freshness.
If you’ve ever cut into fruit only to find it’s not ripe yet, be sure to keep tape on hand. Cut a small bit of your produce to check freshness, and if you notice it needs more time, place the area you cut back into the fruit or veggie and secure it with a piece of Scotch tape—it won’t interrupt the ripening process.

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Use tape to make a busted credit card work. 
Too much swiping can make the magnetic stripe on your credit card start to dull. If you find yours isn;t working every time you use it, try covering the stripe with a thin layer of Scotch tape until you get a new card.

Use tape to create cool nail art.
Scotch tape can act as a stencil and a guide when it comes to creating nail designs. Here are 15 ideas to get you started.

Use tape to keep Saran wrap edges in place.
Kind of a no brainer, but there’s nothing more annoying than losing your edge on a roll of plastic wrap. Use a small square to keep it in place.

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Use tape to not pop a balloon. 
Okay, this one might not be entirely practical, but who doesn’t love a good parlor game? If you place two small pieces of tape to opposite ends of a blown-up baloon, the baloon won’t pop when you stick a pin through the tape. A great trick to break out when you’re bored at your niece’s 4th birthday party.