Surprise! Dov Charney Accused of Sexual Harassment… Again


Oh American Apparel, how the mighty have fallen. The greatest love-hate relationship of our retail life continues, as more sexual harassment allegations arise against the company’s certified creepy CEO Dov Charney. This morning, former sales associate Kimbra Lo went on The Today Show to discuss her recent rendez-vous gone wrong with the company’s head honcho.

Lo had made plans to discuss modeling and photography opportunities with the CEO, but upon arriving at his house was greeted by a towel-clad Charney who instantly attacked her and took off her clothes. American Apparel claims to possess a series of love letters as well as “smoking gun” photographs of Lo which would undermine her “false accusations of unwelcome harassment.”

As enticed as we are by such adjectives and evidence, we’re with Lo on this one, despite her lawyer’s voice which is irritating beyond words and we hope won’t hinder her chances in court. Look Charney, you’ve made some decent basics over the years and pretty much changed the meaning of neon for sorority girls worldwide, but at the end of the day, no means no. Personally, I’m taking my business to the Alternative.

Check out the full video interview below.

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