The Supper Club does Hotel Griffou


It’s official, Tamsin Lonsdale’s The Supper Club is taking over the world. With branches in London, New York, and now Los Angeles, sophisticated diners in the know are never at a loss for new company. Members can attend everything from BBQs to rooftop cocktails–perfect venues for making new, like-minded friends (or scoring a hot hook-up).

It was no surprise, then, that last week’s dinner at Hotel Griffou attracted an eclectic group of fresh faces. The too-cool-for-school restaurant, owned by the peeps who ran some of our favorite Zoe Kravitz-sighting spots (think Freeman’s, Pastis, and the Waverly) is a warren of rooms reminiscent of both London’s Sketch and the National Art’s Club– spend a bathroom break exploring the Library, Salon, Studio, Wine Cellar, and Palm Court. On your way, gawk at Indie directors, V Magazine editors, and drummers sporting threadbare Warriors of Madness plaids (Opening Ceremony, natch) who look like they don’t give a shit while scrutinizing your gladiators with gimlet eyes.

The Salon, with walls covered in graffiti, easels, cafe tables, and over-sized architecture lamps, hosted a refectory table for the twenty invited guests. I played a little game of switch the place-cards (The Supper Club’s Dara Levine was not amused), squeezing myself between the seriously svelte Paper editor Peter Davis and Carol Han. With about an inch of breathing room, it was impossible NOT to get to know your dinner partners intimately (a bit like an awkward one-night-stand without the orgasm). No complaints, however, on the Plymouth Gin martinis, house-made fettucine, and the salted caramel and banana cream pie. Tea Mogul Tracy Stern showed us blueprints of her new Dubai boutique, author Marisha Pessl was closed-lipped on the follow up to Special Topics in Calamity Physics, and designer Miguelina Gambaccini debuted her new business card, simply emblazoned with her name. No phone, no address, no email. “If people want to contact me, they should put in a little effort, no?” Sort of the same mentality behind getting into the Hotel Griffou.


We like choices.


Gin, Graffiti, and Place Cards….

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