10 Supermodel Snapchat Accounts That Define FOMO

10 Supermodel Snapchat Accounts That Define FOMO
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If anyone knows how to work a camera, it’s a model. So when they turn the lenses (both figuratively and literally; fellow Snapchatters know all about what lenses are) on their quotidian lives, magic happens. Karlie Kloss and Kendall Jenner both joined SC last month, helping usher in a whole new era of social media and cementing Snapchat’s status as the social platform of the moment.

They join fellow heavyweights Gigi Hadid, Soo Joo Park, and many others in whisking you away to far-flung destinations (and whisking your time away). Is there anything more delightful (and time-sucking) than following supermodels on Snapchat?

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Karlie Kloss is the most recent Snapchat convert, having just joined the ranks last month. But she is no stranger to the platform, previously appearing elsewhere on SC, such as on the feed of L'Oréal (@lorealista), for which she is an ambassador. Hit her up for mad fitspo—Vogue didn't nickname her "The Body" for nothing, passing the torch down from Elle Macpherson, who nabbed the original "The Body" moniker (and who is not on Snapchat).

Photo: @karliekloss

Her handle kind of gives it away (@soojoomoojoo), but Soo Joon Park’s Snapchat is just as weird, wacky, and wonderful as she is. She documents her jet-setting at a breakneck pace, hopping continents the way most of us hop subways. Expect very real posts that show travel like it is: glamorous—and difficult. 

When Kendall Jenner opened her Snapchat to the public March 24, she officially legitimized the already-flourishing app: If it's good enough for Kendall, it's good enough for us all. Her snaps are full of everything from behind-the-scenes "Keeping Up" footage to silly selfies, with fellow celebs making cameos frequently. And she really likes her lenses and filters.

Imaan Hamman is drop-dead gorgeous, but it also seems as though she’s pretty cool. At least that’s the story her Snapchat tells. Stories from the past 24 hours include a video of her elaborate lunch spread; a glorious, magically lit, bird chirp–filled film of herself lolling about in the grass (captioned, “So happy! Back to PARIS”); a lust-inducing clip of her Parisian hotel room; and a slow and sultry exhale of smoke (provenance unknown).

Everyone knows that Gigi Hadid has the best abs on the planet, but in case you forgot, this Snapchat will remind you. Over and over again. She also posts pics live from the stable (with Bombo, for example), childhood snapshots, and images of exotic locales (most recently, a palm tree–laden scape accompanied by the simple caption "morning [blue heart emoji]").

This is probably sacrilegious, but Edie Campbell is sort of the modern-day Edie Sedgwick, only less druggy (but with similar levels of raccoon eye). Perhaps it's just the name they share, but Campbell's cheeky vignettes are the type of thing Sedgwick might have posted had she lived to see the day when Snapchat had its time in the sun. 

Most models dabble in posting food shots of aesthetically pleasing nibbles (cupcakes are king), but Riley Montana is a badass and throws a whole plate of pepper steak and rice on her Snapchat ("hittin tho [hands-in-the-air emoji]"). Count on her feed for real-as-it-gets images of lyfe on the road, man.

Nadine Leopold and Kendall Jenner have dated the same dude (Harry Styles), but that's not where their similarities end. According to their social-media accounts, they both like to feature cameos from famous pals, utilize lots of lenses and filters, and attend live sports. Leopold was most recently heavy-snapping the NY Rangers vs. Tampa Bay Lightning hockey game at Madison Square Garden in NYC; could she be dating a player?

Though Gigi Hadid may have world's best abs, Anne V is coming for her and closing the gap swiftly. She seems to be documenting her progress on Snapchat. She also had a baby last June, which makes her flat-as-a-board tummy even more impressive. Oh, and she's 30, a solid 10 years older than Hadid. Anne V's feed is a constant reminder that 30 may be the new 20 (despite what Kylie Jenner has to say). Also, be on the lookout for frequent updates on her daughter, who is as adorable as her chilly name, Alaska.

Cindy Bruna’s Snapchat is stocked with episodes of models backstage, doing what they do; street shots; and selfies of herself (and other models) mugging for the camera. She's not always big on production style, but what she lacks in perfection she makes up for in entertainment value (a.k.a. a bevy of male models gyrating backstage at Calzedonia).

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