Super Bowl 2023 Predictions: Which Team Will Win? Here’s What the Zodiac Has to Say

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Super Bowl 2023 Predictions: Which Team Will Win? Here’s What the Zodiac Has to Say
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Every year, the NFL Super Bowl captures the attention of the entire sports world. Just two teams remain in the 2023 NFL league, and on February 12 at 6:30 p.m. ET, the Philadelphia Eagles will face off with the Kansas City Chiefs. Only one question remains—which team will win? Because I’m an astrologer, I’m here to dive into my Super Bowl predictions based on the zodiac signs of both teams.

Before we dive into the astrology at play, let’s talk about how my process works. First, I decipher the birth date of both teams. For the Kansas City Chiefs, that date is May 22, 1963. This is when the team that was originally called the Dallas Texans officially moved to Kansas City and were then renamed the Chiefs. That makes the team of red and gold a Gemini. On the opposite side of the field are the Philadelphia Eagles, which were officially accepted into the NFL on July 8, 1933, making the team of green and silver a Cancer.

After I’ve pulled up astrology charts for both teams, I then check the transits that are taking place on the day of the Super Bowl and interpret whether these transits will be helpful or beneficial to their success. Because these interpretations are based on analyses that are both objective and subjective, there’s always a chance my prediction for who will win the Super Bowl may be off. However, more often than not, astrology is right on target.

Here’s what you need to know about the astrology at work during the LVII Super Bowl:

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Super Bowl LVII Astrology Prediction

During the 2023 Super Bowl, the sun will be in worldly and visionary Aquarius while the moon will be moving through passionate and intense Scorpio, upping the stakes. After all, the moon—representing the people—will be at odds with the sun—which represents the NFL—speaking to an increasingly unsettling and combative feeling on both sides of the field during this historic game. There may be a few unexpected curveballs during the game as the Scorpio moon will also oppose unpredictable Uranus, which could lead to some really stressful and devastating outcomes on the field. There may even be a deciding call from the referee that changes the course of the game. The moon will also be separating from a conjunction to the South Node of Fate, reinforcing how important the outcome of this game will be. Regardless of how you feel, the winner of this game was always destined to win.

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Kansas Chiefs Chiefs: est. May 22, 1963

On the date of the Super Bowl, Pluto—planet of creation and destruction—will be forming a trine with the Chiefs’ sun in Gemini, which means this team is really beginning to discover its true purpose and regain a deeper sense of direction. Right now, this team is feeling motivated to succeed on a spiritual level! Make no mistake—the Kansas City Chiefs are approaching a new beginning. Jupiter—planet of growth, optimism and luck—is currently moving through Aries, which is the same zodiac sign that Jupiter was in when the Chiefs were established. That means that the Chiefs are approaching an opportunity to become better than ever and rebrand their whole image.

However, on the date of the Super Bowl, the Chiefs will also have the odds stacked against them. Saturn—planet of boundaries and limitations—will oppose the Chief’s Mars—planet of power and ambition—which is intensifying the pressure and forcing them to put up a good fight. Saturn will also be squaring off the Chief’s moon, which will leave their fan base on the edge of their seat until the very end.

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The Philadelphia Eagles: est. July 8, 1933

The Philadelphia Eagles are hoping to secure another Super Bowl ring since their last victory in 2018. During the Super Bowl, Pluto—planet of death and rebirth—will be forming a trine with the Eagles’ Mars—planet of war and primal aggression—which will only deepen their desire to win. They’ve got luck on their side, as Jupiter—planet of positivity and openness—will form a trine to the Chiefs’ money-oriented Venus as well as their mindful Mercury, bringing luck to their game and increasing their potential to bring home big earnings. Venus will also be opposing their Jupiter and forming a trine with the Eagles’ Pluto, hinting at love from the crowd may be what brings them to the top.

However, like the Chiefs, the Eagles also have a few obstacles in their path. The moon in Scorpio will also be squaring off with the Chiefs’ Saturn in Aquarius, adding more to their plate and increasing the amount of emotions felt by the players.

In Conclusion: Who Will Win The 2023 Super Bowl?

Based on the astrology at play during the 2023 Super Bowl, I’m inclined to favor the Eagles as the victors. There are lucky planetary aspects on their side that may aid them right when they need it most. However, something interesting that’s worth mentioning is that both teams are going through their Saturn Returns. That’s right—both the Chiefs and the Eagles were established during a Saturn in Aquarius transit, which only adds to the pressure being felt by both teams. This means that what happens during this Super Bowl may be a deciding factor in where both of these teams are headed for the next 30 years.

Even though astrology indicates that the Chiefs may not be the victors, it does reveal that this could easily be a very close match. Astrology also shines a light on the fact that the Chiefs are going through their Jupiter return, which means that whatever happens during this game will ultimately set them up for so much positive growth down the line. And if they manage to pull through and win the game, it will only set them up for super stardom that can last for the next 12 years.

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