5 Essentials For An Amazing At-Home Super Bowl Party

5 Essentials For An Amazing At-Home Super Bowl Party
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Super Bowl weekend is almost upon us and we’re willing to bet that, for some of you, this has little meaning aside from making plans to hang out with friends and indulge in snacks (Read: nachos!) while others get overly excited about something that hardly matters (Read: football).That said, this year’s parties will definitely be smaller and safer than ever before thanks to social distancing practices. Just because you’re only watching with roommates or family doesn’t mean you can’t go all out, though! These awesome Super Bowl party ideas are proof that you don’t need to do much to have a great time. Heck, you don’t even really have to watch the game!

So, what are some non-negotiable Super Bowl party essentials? First, the food. From snacks like dips and wings to meals like sliders and slow-cooker chili, the right food can set the mood—even if you’re only cooking for a handful of people. Of course, along with food comes drinks, so make sure your fridge is well-stocked and your Solo Cups at the ready.

Of course, even fake fans need some good merch, so I’m considering this another must-have requirement. In fact, get a few decorations too (Promise, you don’t have to splurge) so you can get the perfect Super Bowl Sunday Insta post. If you don’t, what else will everyone have to look forward to once the halftime performance ends and they’re back to scrolling through their phones?

Last but not least, this one’s for all the folks who usually partake in a massive Super Bowl party: Go virtual! I know we’re all a little sick of Zoom by now, but a Super Bowl afterparty to settle bets, discuss commercials and more can be pretty damn fun—especially if the snacks and drinks are still flowing.

With that, read on for our guide to five Super Bowl party must-haves to make even the smallest soiree a blast. Go Chiefs! And Bucs! Truly, I don’t care.

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STYLECASTER | Super Bowl Party Ideas


1. Load Up On Snacks

You can almost always find me hanging out by the snacks at a Super Bowl party. Whether your friends want something intense like slow-cooker chilli or some more low-key snacks like a creative dip and chips, our recipe roundups definitely have you covered.

2. Wear The Right Merch 

If you don’t understand the game at all (I don’t), you can at least invest in some merch to make yourself feel like a part of the team. Whether you support the Chiefs or love the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, there are tons of cute options from either team to choose from.

STYLECASTER | Super Bowl Party Ideas

Courtesy of DesireExpress/Etsy.

If you love the Chiefs and a good Friends rerun, you’ll love this crew neck reminding everyone of “The One Where We Root For The Chiefs.”

STYLECASTER | Super Bowl Party Ideas

Courtesy of AllCityPrints/Etsy.

Any Bucs fan would be crazy not to treat themselves to this Tom Buc-ing Brady tee.


STYLECASTER | Super Bowl Party Ideas


3. Serve A Signature Drink

Drinking and watching the big game go hand in hand, whether you’re celebrating a win or drowning out a loss. If you aren’t a fan of the classic sports-lover’s beer, whip up batch of a fancy-ish cocktail for you and your friends to enjoy. Bonus points if you make two and name them after the opposing teams! Whichever one people like more is the real Super Bowl winner.


4. Put Up Some Decor

You don’t want to drop a ton of $$$ on Super Bowl decorations, but a few festive touches can really add some atmosphere to your game day soiree! Order a few things on Amazon like the ones below for that perfect balance of festive, but not too over-the-top.

STYLECASTER | Super Bowl Party Ideas

These cute, festive tablecloths
are the perfect tablescape for an array of Super Bowl snacks.

STYLECASTER | Super Bowl Party Ideas

Courtesy of UNIQOOO.

I don’t even like sports and I’m still obsessed with these Super Bowl paper lanterns


STYLECASTER | Super Bowl Party Ideas


5. Plan A Zoom Afterparty

Since our parties will be safer and smaller this year, you likely won’t have all your friends in one place. Organize a post-game Zoom afterparty where you can all meet up (Virtually!) and discuss everything from the halftime show to the best commercials, to who owes who some coin for betting on the game’s outcome.


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