What to Wear to a Super Bowl Party: 10 Stylish Outfit Ideas

Meghan Blalock
What to Wear to a Super Bowl Party: 10 Stylish Outfit Ideas
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Super Bowl Weekend is upon us, ladies. We’re willing to bet that for some of us, this has little meaning aside from making plans to hang out with friends and indulge in snacks (read: nachos) while others around us get overly excited about nothing that matters too much (read: football).

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That is, of course, aside from that other purpose nearly ever social event serves: it’s another opportunity to put together a stylish look. While a lot of gals might opt for a super-casual, low-key route by wearing little more than leggings and an oversized athletic sweatshirt, we think there’s a lot more creativity to be had for the occasion. The Seattle Seahawks might be facing off against the Denver Broncos, but in our minds the only competition is heels vs. flats.

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Click through the gallery above to see 10 different looks any respectable fashion girl would wear to a Super Bowl party this Sunday!

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The Denver Broncos Fan Look

The Denver Broncos' team colors boast a quite bold combination of deep blue and vibrant orange; these two tones pack a double whammy of complementing one another very well, and flattering just about everyone. You can do like this gal and wear a bold pair of orange trouser with blue accessories, or you can go more traditional with dark blue jeans and dashes of orange here and there.

Photo: VincenzoGrillo/IMAXTREE.COM

The Seahawks Fan Look

The Seattle Seahawks are arguably the most modern team in the entire NFL. Nike just recently revamped the team's uniforms to feature incredibly on-trend streaks of neon green—this works out for you, because all you have to do to show your support is pull one of your countless neon accessories from your collection.

Photo: Vincenzo Grillo/IMAXTREE.COM

The "I Refuse to Wear Pants" Look

Defy convention by going for an extremely ladylike look. We love the idea of wearing a boldly-colored pair of tights under a feminine belted coat and a pair of classic Mary Janes.


The "I'll Just Be Having Coffee" Look

Not in the mood to down beer after beer in the name of America's greatest sport? Bring a giant latte with you, throw on a huge black scarf, an oversized coat, and a pair of jeans for a trés Parisian aura.

The "I Thought This Was a Polo Match" Look

Feign ignorance in an incredibly preppy look that makes you seem like you were gearing up for a polo match instead of a football game. After all, what's more American that riding boots and a draped navy pea coat?

The "I'm Way Too Cool To Be Here" Look

Just going to a Super Bowl party in the first place because your best friend begged you to join her? Go for a pair of acid-washed skinnies, boots with plenty of metallic details, and a leather jacket. Try your best to be nice to people, though. Your outfit will speak louder than your words ever could.


The "These Are My Sneakers" Look

Since it is a football game and there will likely be plenty of dudes around you in ill-fitting jeans, athletic jerseys, and New Balance sneakers, throw on your old sneaker wedges and join in the fun.

Photo: Vincenzo Grillo/IMAXTREE.COM

The "I'm Wearing My Boyfriend's Shirt" Look

Is your beau hosting this year's Super Bowl soireé? Throw on one of his work shirts, a pair of black tights, and some boots, and call it a day. No one can fault you for building an outfit out of the tools at your disposal.

Photo: Alessia Gammarota

The "I Actually Like Football" Look

Actually a fan of football? All the better for you: dress just how you want to, opting for a cute and unoffensive outfit that expresses your desire to partake in the day's festivities.


The "I'm the Cool Party Girl With the Best Booze" Look

Everyone knows you don't care about sports, but everyone also knows that you're down to party for just about any occasion. You always wear Doc Martens, an oversized fur, and a sick pair of reflective shades that communicate your party-going aura.

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