The Super Bowl Books The Who for Halftime Show


Rumors are spreading that rock legend The Who have been recruited to play at the Super Bowl Halftime Show for Super Bowl XLIV (that’s Roman for 44). Start with me on a “Who’s on first?” parody for this and I swear to God…

While reports suggest that Bon Jovi was the first choice to perform, Bon Jovi feels performing at the Super Bowl would be a conflict of interest as he is the owner of the Philadelphia Arena Football team, the Philadelphia Soul. Meanwhile, hopeful buzz suggests that The Who will play a medley of their greatest hits for their performance.

The National Football League has yet to officially confirm or deny whether or not The Who will be performing at the show, explaining, “When we have something to announce, we’ll announce it.” Ohhhh! Fiesty…

The Super Bowl is scheduled for February 7 in Miami.