Affordable Trendy Sunglasses That Are Must-Have Accessories

Alicia Kort
Affordable Trendy Sunglasses That Are Must-Have Accessories
Photo: Courtesy of Pixel-Shot/Adobe.

Sunny days are one of the best things that nature has given us. Feeling the warmth on your face can feel so relaxing. But before stepping out to enjoy that sunny day, make sure you have your sunnies with you. Not only do you want to protect your eyes and their health, sunglasses give you another opportunity to show off your style. Whether you prefer a full retro look or want to look straight out of a 2000s music video, you can find trendy sunglasses for women on Amazon, without spending a ton of dough.

If you tend to lose your sunglasses, opting for a cheap pair might be the most cost-effective choice. Imagine the horror of losing a pricey pair of designer sunglasses. These pairs might not be expensive, but that doesn’t mean that they’re lower quality. With plastic frames and impact-resistant lens, these sunglasses will survive your clumsiness.

We picked four very different sunglasses silhouettes. For example, if you’ve been dying for a pair of rectangle-shaped glasses, which are everywhere right now, we’ve got you covered. We also found a modern cat-eye pair that’s worth adding to your cart. Beyond the silhouettes, these sunglasses come in a variety of frame and lens colors. You can find a pair to match nearly every outfit in your closet. Some even include multiple pairs to a pack, which means you’re getting a great deal.

Check out our picks below.

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1. Dollger Rectangle Sunglasses for Women

Dollger Rectangle Sunglasses for Women

Courtesy of Dollger.

You get two pairs of plastic sunglasses with this set, in shades that you can pair with almost everything. The lens have a PV coating, and they’re not polarized. There are multiple combos to browse—you can get a set of three, a set of two or a standout single pair. There’s a hot pink one that will definitely elevate your outfits to the next level.

2. Mosanana Square Cat Eye Sunglasses

Mosanana Square Cat Eye Sunglasses

Courtesy of Mosanana.

Lean into sharp angles with these edgy yet glam sunglasses. The non-polarized lens protect your eyes from UV rays while you soak up the sun. Plus, the glasses are plastic, so you don’t have to worry about dropping them. You can browse eight different color options, which range in pink to classic tortoise.

3. ADE WU Rectangle Sunglasses For Women

ADE WU Rectangle Sunglasses For Women

Courtesy of ADE WU.

With early-2000s vibes, these statement-making sunglasses just scream fashion. You can either opt for single-color lens or walk on the wild side with gradient lens. These glasses also have comfy metal nose pads, so you can wear them all day long. There are 10 different styles to shop.

4. SUNGAIT Vintage Round Sunglasses for Women

SUNGAIT Vintage Round Sunglasses for Women

Courtesy of SUNGAIT.

This retro-inspired pair is perfect to keep in your bag, ready for any sunny moment. They block 100% of UV rays to protect your eyes. There are 20 different lens and frame combos to browse, meaning that you can find a pair that suits your specific aesthetic.

5. Rectangle Sunglasses for Women

ENTHYI Sunglasses

Courtesy of ENTHYI.

These super trendy plastic frames come in popular beige and green colors. The glasses are made out of plastic, so they’ll survive any accidental drops. You can also get glasses in two or four packs, depending on which ones you select.