Sundance 2012: An Epic Festival Of Horrible Facial Hair

Spencer Cain
Sundance 2012: An Epic Festival Of Horrible Facial Hair
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In case you haven’t noticed, the Sundance Film Festival doesn’t really seem to be focused on the film these days. In fact, it become more of an opportunity for celebrities, socialites and their entourages to get wasted while gifting suites dole out a ton of free merchandise and other goodies. I’m pretty sure many of the attendees don’t set foot in a screening room, but I’m sure they can tell you where you can get free bubbly at 11 AM.

Anyway, this doesn’t make me like Sundance any less, and I’m obviously super jealous that I wasn’t there. In order to cure my bitterness I’ve been scoping out pictures from the fest, and I must inform you that I am noticing a shocking, shocking trend: terrible facial hair.

We here at StyleCaster are assuming that scarves, hats, gloves and jackets are out of the picture, and men are opting to keep warm by growing out their chin pubes. Now, I for one have not been clean shaven since high school, but that’s merely out of laziness. However, I always keep myself groomed and shorn to perfection. Apparently these gents need to take a cue out of my playbook. (Editor’s note: Spencer Cain hasn’t made nice-nice with a Lady Bic in a REALLY long time, so don’t let ’em fool you.)

Check out some of Sundance’s most terrifying facial hair looks in the gallery above and let us know what you think.

Photos via AP/EW

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Michael Cera looking rather odd. 

I love Aziz Ansari and Drake, but this is sooo not working for me. 

The legendary William H. Macy rocking a handlebar situation.  Ride 'em, cowboy!

Comedian Chris Rock sporting a less than hilarious 'stache. (Is this irony? Humor? A personal statement against upper lips?!?)

Common keeps it real while performing at the Express Party at Sugar for the LUV film after party. Real hirsute.

Jason Ritter proves growing pains extend to your face.

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