The Summit Series Celebrates Young Entrepreneurs, Raises Over $200,000 in 24 Hours


The biannual Summit Series was held last week at the St. Regis Hotel in Colorado. Led by Elizabeth Gore and the UN Foundation, the retreat allowed young entrepreneurs, CEOs, founders, influencers, and entertainers to come together. StyleCaster’s very own CEO Ari Goldberg as well as Albert Azout, CEO of Sociocast, Doug Imbruce, a founding partner of StyleCaster, and Jen Novak, CEO of and a strategic partner of StyleCaster, attended the event in Aspen from April 2 to April 5, where they were able to hob knob with the world’s most influential innovators under the age of 35.

The hosts of the retreat included Elliot Bisnow, founder of The Summit Series, Ryan Begelman, CEO of The Summit Series, and Brett Leve, Chief Strategy Officer of The Summit Series. Attendees included Monique Pean, Alexis Jones, Garrett Camp, Summer Rayne Oakes, Michael Appleton, Katherine Kennedy, Catherine Rapetti, Milo Ventimiglia, and Russ Cundiff.

“The Aspen Summit was an amazing opportunity to connect with the top young entrepreneurs in the world. I was truly inspired by the community’s willingness to contribute idea capital as well as substantial monetary donations to the charities we featured,” said Leve. “I am proud to say that we raised over $200,000 and made some great new friends doing it.”

A highlight of the Summit Series was the spontaneous philanthropy drive, which included an auction for a meeting with UN Foundation Chairman Ted Turner, as well as dinner with fellow board members UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan, Queen Rania of Jordan, and Nobel Prize winning founder of Grameen Bank Muhammad Yunus. Additionally, social entrepreneurs such as Elizabeth Gore, Lauren Bush, Bob Bailey, and Ethan Zohn made presentations about the non-profit organizations they are involved in, which include Nothing But Nets, FEED, Invisible Children, and Grassroots Soccer. The following evening, The Summit Series made an announcement of its three contribution initiatives.

According to the Summit Series’ website, the programs include:
Summit Series Spontaneous Auction: The auction for a private meeting with UN Foundation Chairman Mr. Ted Turner had an opening bid of $25,000. After a healthy bidding process that included multiple raises, a price of $150,000 was awarded to a bidder who wishes to remain anonymous. After losing to the final bid, Nolan Paquette, CEO of Just THINK Media spontaneously donated an incremental $25,000 for the Nothing But Nets cause.

Summit Series $50K Matching Campaign:
Within four hours of hearing the panel of social entrepreneurs, the Summit Series community pulled together individual contributions totaling $26,000 to provide as matching funds for donations secured by the four charities. The matching pool will continue to increase for five days as the group strives to reach a goal of $50,000 to be donated equally to the four charities.

Summit Series Social Giving Competition for Contributions: Leveraging the competitive nature of the Summit Series community, the social giving drive will benefit the Malaria Net Campaign for Nothing But Nets and The UN Foundation. The Summit Series attendee who drives the largest number of contributors (as opposed to the greatest dollar figure) during a week-long period utilizing only social media tools such as Facebook and Twitter, will receive an all-expense paid trip with Elizabeth Gore and the UN Foundation to Africa to distribute nets this summer.