These Summer Zoom Backgrounds Bring Beachy Vibes To A Laptop Near You

Maggie Griswold
These Summer Zoom Backgrounds Bring Beachy Vibes To A Laptop Near You
Photo: Unsplash. ART: Bella Gerard/STYLECASTER.

Summer is typically filled with days lounging by the pool, swimming in the ocean or simply enjoying gorgeous weather and nature surrounding us. In other words, it’s a time to be outside—but what if we’re stuck indoors on video calls all day? We suggest taking a deep breath and allowing these summer Zoom backgrounds to take you on a much-needed vacation. Even if it’s just virtually, you can imagine yourself sitting on the warm sand with a good book or soaking in the sun while sitting atop a giant pool float. All you have to do is change your Zoom background, and you’re on your way to the virtual vacation of a lifetime.

This season often brings with it the implication that we get to take a break and enjoy being outdoors and with friends and loved ones. So when that’s not entirely possible, we have to get a little creative. Zoom backgrounds are the perfect way to do just that. From the classic ocean view to fields full of sunflowers, there’s no shortage of ways to bring a little bit of summer fun to your Zoom calls. Whether you’re chatting with friends over a cocktail happy hour or taking notes in your last meeting before lunch, you can make yourself feel like you’re anywhere but your kitchen table or couch. Plus, it spares your video chat pals from having to see the blank white wall behind you over and over again.

Below, you’ll find 11 summer Zoom backgrounds ready to brighten up even the dreariest of days. Even if you can’t go on vacation right now, you can chat the night away with a gorgeous beach sunset behind you. It’s not the real thing, but it’s close enough for now.


1. Classic Ocean View

STYLECASTER | Summer Zoom Backgrounds | beach

Sean O/Unsplash.

Let’s start with the quintessential image of summer: a stunning ocean view. Picture yourself standing on this perfect sand and breathing in the ocean air without a care in the world. Just make sure you don’t drift off into a beach fantasy while in the middle of a Zoom call, though.


2. Pool Floats

STYLECASTER | Summer Zoom Backgrounds | pool floats

Toni Cuenca/Unsplash.

Huge AF pool floats are what summer Instagram dreams are made of. If you don’t have your own backyard pool where you can take a dip, imagine that your current Zoom call is all that stands between you and jumping on top of this giant flamingo float. Give yourself something to look forward to—even if it’s just an imagined pool scenario.


3. Beach Cabanas

STYLECASTER | Summer Zoom Backgrounds

Krzysztof Kowalik/Unsplash.

Picture this: You’re on a beach vacation with your BFFs. You woke up early to get the perfect spot on the beach—and you actually managed to make that happen. You get to pick the first cabana of the day, so you choose this one. It has a great view of the ocean and the sun hits in just the right spot. Everything is perfect.


4. Sandy Shores

STYLECASTER | Summer Zoom Backgrounds

Micheile Henderson/Unsplash.

For those who want a view a little farther from the water, this sandy Zoom background is for you. Maybe you’re walking around hunting for crabs, or maybe you’re just walking to your favorite beach spot and stopped to take a quick call. Either way, it’s better than staring at the wall behind you.


5. Beach Van

STYLECASTER | Summer Zoom Backgrounds

Caleb George/Unsplash.

This Zoom background allows you to imagine that you’ve been on a road trip to the beach with your pals in an old Volkswagen van. You’ve just arrived at the beach, and you’re taking in the incredible view surrounded you. Of course, before you hit the sand, you have one quick Zoom call to finish.


5. Sunflower Fields

STYLECASTER | Summer Zoom Backgrounds

Elijah Hail/Unsplash.

There’s no denying that sunflowers are the flower of summer. They’re bright, colorful, big and bold—and now you can feel like you’re in the middle of a field of them. The sun streaming down on your face and the scent of flowers wafting through the air is a relaxing way to Zoom.


6. Luxurious Infinity Pool

STYLECASTER | Summer Zoom Backgrounds

Big Tiny Belly/Unsplash.

Odds are, this is not what your backyard looks like. However, with this Zoom background, you can totally pretend you’re sitting in a comfortable on your back patio, showing off your amazing pool (and view!). Don’t forget to mention the hot tub that’s totally off-screen.


7. Ocean Sunset

STYLECASTER | Summer Zoom Backgrounds

Joshua Brown/Unsplash.

Of course, what’s a virtual beach trip if you can’t enjoy the sunset? Camp out in front of your webcam and Zoom your happy hour pals with this gorgeous sunset behind you. If you close your eyes, you might just be able to hear the waves crashing.


8. Beach Reads

STYLECASTER | Summer Zoom Backgrounds

Link Hoang/Unsplash.

There’s nothing quite as relaxing as sitting on the beach reading a good book. This Zoom background lets you sit right next to your list of beach reads while video chatting. Be sure to remind everyone that you can’t talk long, though. You have a stack of books and a setting sun calling your name.


9. Surrounded By Flowers

STYLECASTER | Summer Zoom Backgrounds

Sergey Shmidt/Unsplash.

If sunflowers aren’t your summer floral choice, try using this Zoom background. Surround yourself with different summery flowers and imagine you’re out in a field having a picnic. The breeze is perfect, and your crush picks a flower and gives it to you. *Sigh.*


10. Lifeguard Stand

STYLECASTER | Summer Zoom Backgrounds

Eric Saunders/Unsplash.

All you beach-goers who always have a crush on the lifeguard, now’s your chance to scope out this year’s situation. While you may not currently be at the beach, at least you can pretend that the next person stepping out of this lifeguard stand is Zac Efron in the Baywatch remake.


11. Palm Trees

STYLECASTER | Summer Zoom Backgrounds

Corey Agopian/Unsplash.

Last—but certainly not least—are these palm trees waving in the breeze. Palm trees scream summer—whether you’re at the beach or traveling down the roads of California. Just looking at this quintessential warm weather image is enough to take all the stress of any Zoom call away.


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