Summer Style Kit Giveaway From The Topshop Personal Shoppers

Rachel Siegel

The Topshop Personal Shoppers are like modern-day shopping fairy godmothers only better dressed.

The Shoppers offer a full range of free personal shopping services and everything in between,ranging from the “Big Wow” for events to “The Miracle Worker” for those looking for a full wardrobe overhaul.

After having an incredible time with theTopshop Personal Shoppers this past weekend at the Wish You Were At Topshop pop-up shop and concert in the Hamptons, I decided to pay my favorite Personal Shopper, Jamie Freed, a visit (as if I needed an excuse) to reminisce over the previous weekend and find out more about theirfull appointment menu.

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What would you say was the most popular item at the Topshop Pop-Up shop?
Without a doubt, it was our MOTO cut off hotpants! We had them in loads of colors at the pop-up shop. The purple are my personal favorite.

Were there any summer trends that you noticed to be popular among the “Wish You Were At Topshop In The Hampton’s” party-goers?
Yes! Color was a major trend with the Wish You Were Here party crowd. Lots of girls were wearing their summer brights and having fun by mixing up colors. Maxi length skirts and dresses were also seen on a lot of the girls there.

What are the three most popular questions you get asked as a member of the Personal Shopping team at Topshop?
I get asked hundreds of questions each week, but I’d have to say the most popular are: “I don’t know how to wear this skirt/pant/top/shoe! Show me how?” “My entire wardrobe is black. How do I incorporate color?” and “Why didn’t I make an appointment with you sooner?”

In your opinion, why should someone make an appointment with the personal shoppers?
We do all of the work for you! We’ll edit our massive assortment of merchandise and choose the best things for you. In addition to carefully selecting pieces tailored to your needs, we’ll style it up in ways that best suit you. We’ve got the inside scoop on the newest pieces and what’s to come. We can even call you about new arrivals that we know you’ll love and reserve special things that haven’t yet hit the store!

Which of the Personal Shopping appointments would you say is most often requested?
The Newer Than Now.” Many of our clients want to see the hottest pieces that hit our store. After we’ve worked with you once and nailed your style, we’ll pull the best things for you as they come in each week!

Which service is the most fun for you?
The Big Wow.” I love putting together head-to-toe show stopping looks! We have loads of requests for party dressing, which gives us the opportunity to create a killer outfit perfectly suited to the client and the event. The best part is making my clients look and feel amazing for their special night out!

If someone came to you and said, “What are the 5 items I need for my summer wardrobe,” which would you suggest?
A maxi skirt,tailored short, gypsy blouse, brightly colored dress and a stacked heel sandal.

How do you book in a Personal Shopping appointment?
You can call our booking line at 212 966 9455 or email us. For all this information and more check out our Topshop Personal Shopping page!


132378 1308842135 Summer Style Kit Giveaway From The Topshop Personal Shoppers

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