How To Reap The Astro-Benefits Of The Summer Solstice On June 21

Brenna Lilly
How To Reap The Astro-Benefits Of The Summer Solstice On June 21
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We’re all so excited for the official start of Summer 2021, but do you really know what the summer solstice is and what it represents? Your friendly village witch is here to chat about the summer solsticewhat it means, who it affects and how we can honor the year’s longest day and reap all the astrological benefits.

In the astronomical perspective, the summer solstice occurs when the Earth’s North Pole (or South Pole, for Southern Hemisphere folks) is turned directly toward the Sun. Because of the Sun’s proximity to Earth, we Earthlings experience the most sunlight all year on this sacred day. 

Usually occurring on or around June 21 (again, I’m speaking for my Northern Hemisphere peeps), the summer solstice (also called Litha or Midsummer) has long been celebrated with feasts, dancing and lively music. The summer solstice also marks the beginning of Cancer season, the time of year ruled by the sign of the crab. 

This time of year centers us in a place of enhanced domesticity (you’ll likely be tending to your living space more mindfully), emotional fluidity (anticipate romance and attraction) and strong, healthy boundaries (keep stressful people at arm’s length). 

This time of year centers us in a place of enhanced domesticity, emotional fluidity and strong, healthy boundaries.

There are a few signs who will be greatly affected by the summer solstice and the first is Cancer themselves! Cancer will be in their element this time of year—a summer baby, through and through. What’s more soothing to a domestic Cancer than a whole day dedicated to celebrating warm, bright energy?

The second sign that will be most affected is Capricorn—the sign opposite Cancer. Since the first day of Capricorn season (around 12/21) is the winter solstice, the summer solstice is a day of balance for these folks. Caps, allow the warmth of the summer solstice to wash over you.

The last two signs that will be most dramatically impacted by the summer solstice are Pisces and Scorpio. These two signs are in the same elemental family as Cancer, so when the solstice comes ‘round and the vibes get soft, sweet and watery, these signs will feel similarly in their element. It’s a great day time to be a water sign!

As for the rest of us, the best way to channel summer solstice energy is to spend time in the sun. Honor our big, bright, caretaker star by spending time with him. The Sun helps us make vitamin D, allows plants to grow and makes our days…well…days! Get outdoors, even if it’s just a walk around the block on your lunch break. And yes, even if it’s not technically “sunny” out! Express gratitude for the longest day of the year (just please remember to wear sunscreen).

Express gratitude for the longest day of the year.

If you’re feeling something more elaborate than just a stroll in the sunshine, gather your beloveds for an outdoor feast and some pagan revelry. Share a meal, play your favorite summery music and mix up some seasonal drinks (think strawberries, rhubarb, and watermelon). If you need some ideas, we have a whole list of the best cocktails for every zodiac sign to enjoy this summer! Just sayin’.

The summer solstice is all about honoring your personal boundaries by channeling Cancer’s hard crab shell, expressing gratitude for the Sun and sharing a celebration with the ones you love the most. Happy summer solstice and Blessed Litha!

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