The Summer Solstice Is Coming, and Things Are About to Get Weird

Elocin Rose
The Summer Solstice Is Coming, and Things Are About to Get Weird
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Even though big-box stores all o’er the land are overflowing with cheap beach towels and bikinis that won’t fit anyone’s natural proportions—it isn’t summer yet. But babies, it is close. Because on June 21, 2019 at approximately 11:55 am, the summer solstice will arrive—bringing with it, of course, the first day of summer.

While the solstice happens at the same moment everywhere on Earth, it will mark the longest day of the year for those in the Northern Hemisphere, as the sun travels to reach the highest point of its journey, the Tropic of Cancer. Conversely, this will be the shortest day of the year for those in the Southern Hemisphere. This marks the coming of winter. (Sorry GOT fans, I know your hearts are still tender. RIP, you know?)

A solstice in Cancer—just barely squeaking by. Sorry, Gemini. But this Gemini-Cancer cusp is actually v dope, bringing us plenty of emotion, empathy and energy for the season. While this may seem at odds with the solstice—which literally derives from it’s Latin roots sun (sol) and sister (to stand still)—these two conflicting ideals bring just the right amount of Gemini chaos to help us weather the storm of emotions and Real Life Things that are about to happen. Because! Life!

Each season change brings with it new energy and opportunities for growth (that’s a friendly way of saying that really annoying/devastating things may happen). All signs will experience the best that Cancer energy has to offer, like generosity and warmth. Calmness of spirit and deep feelings. Combining these traits with the slow laze of summer and longer days makes my knees tingle. Things are happening beneath the surface of what we can see and experience. Can you feel it?

STYLECASTER | How the Summer Solstice Will Affect Each Sign

Aries –

The urge to withdraw and keep to yourself might strengthen this summer solstice. I get it. Sometimes it feels like absolutely everything is exhausting. The last thing you want to do is dance while fireflies are out and people are drinking wine coolers (gross). But stretch yourself this solstice. All it takes is one night of good conversation and better music and the right person to listen to change something.

STYLECASTER | How the Summer Solstice Will Affect Each Sign

Taurus –

Given that Uranus moved into Taurus on May 15—after a lengthy stay in Aries—you’ll find yourself facing sudden change and excitement. This sudden change could be on a micro or macro level. What’s really important, and will determine your overall happiness moving forward, is the lens in which you view the changes. Will you work from a lens of fear and scarcity, or one of determination and positivity? Your perception will be everything this solstice.

STYLECASTER | How the Summer Solstice Will Affect Each Sign

Gemini –

Your tendency to stretch yourself in too many directions will be tested this solstice. As you work to find realistic solutions to getting work done, socializing, self-care and personal growth, remember: You can’t do it all. It’s feasibly impossible. But you can do what’s important. So know what you value and need, and let go of the rest. Seriously. Open your hands and heart and let it go.

STYLECASTER | How the Summer Solstice Will Affect Each Sign

Cancer –

You’re the star of the show this solstice, Cancer. Because of the heightened energy and timing, your best traits will be out in full force—but so will the risk of overdoing it. The line between generosity and over-giving is but a thin, fraying thread. While ego is often something associated with pride, it can also be the downfall of those with big feelings. Don’t suppress your emotions just to resent your naturally giving nature. Boundaries are healthy and necessary.

STYLECASTER | How the Summer Solstice Will Affect Each Sign

Leo –

This solstice will get you in your spiritual feelings, Leo. This may happen through reconnection with yourself through yoga, exercise, meditation, or an old hobby or friendship. Whatever makes you feel connected to something bigger than yourself. This renewal is a great opportunity to reconnect with a deeper purpose and feel *~spiritually and emotionally lit~*.

STYLECASTER | How the Summer Solstice Will Affect Each Sign

Virgo –

Your planning and intentions will reach new levels as you brainstorm solutions and where, exactly, you want to go. This willingness to take on challenges and face difficult situations will light a fire within you that will extend even into your relationships and personal growth. But while motivation and resolutions are the first step—they are nothing without execution and action.

STYLECASTER | How the Summer Solstice Will Affect Each Sign

Libra –

Structure will be crucial this solstice, Libra. Without it, you may experience waning energy and drive. This is a time where hard work and challenges abound. To combat this, try to be consistent in your routines as much as possible. If you need to exercise or run every day to feel like a human, do it first. No one does their best work when they feel like a lethargic troll panhandling for money under a drawbridge.

STYLECASTER | How the Summer Solstice Will Affect Each Sign

Scorpio –

Your brain may have felt sluggish and slightly off this past few weeks, but the solstice will serve as a blank slate to start something over, or indulge in your creative side. Resetting your baseline will help you in more ways than one. As you work to get out of your mental rut—try to forgive yourself. Forgiveness and being gentle will do more to help you get to good than any celery juice or cleanse. You already have the answers.

STYLECASTER | How the Summer Solstice Will Affect Each Sign

Sagittarius –

I’m not sure when personal growth became such a great vehicle to shill skinny-tea’s and gummy vitamins that aren’t backed by science—but here we are. It’s easy to get sucked in. Especially for someone like you, who strives for greatness. Make sure that you know you don’t need self-tanner or fuller eyebrows to be happy. This solstice, enjoy yourself exactly as you are.

STYLECASTER | How the Summer Solstice Will Affect Each Sign

Capricorn –

The longest day of the year might really feel like it, dear Capricorn. With Cancer’s energy swirling strong, you may experience strong emotions that are hard to define. This can be at odds with your intellectual tendencies, but be patient. Feel with your heart, not your head, and lean into the not knowing. Not everything has an easy answer or solution.

STYLECASTER | How the Summer Solstice Will Affect Each Sign

Aquarius –

Something is awakening inside of you, Aquarius. And it’s not the Chipotle that you ate for lunch. That comes later. No, this solstice may have you craving freedom, travel, or intrigue. Something new or novel. This desire for change is healthy and crucial. How can you honor it? What change will bring you the most fulfillment?

STYLECASTER | How the Summer Solstice Will Affect Each Sign

Pisces –

The solstice—and summer in general—is a powerful time for you, Pisces. Your celestial energy and thrumming, and your days and plans crackle with electricity. Follow your instincts and let your intuition help you make the most of this time. Enjoy these long days, pretty sunsets, and calm mornings and evenings. You will remember all of it.

As always, checking your rising and moon signs if something doesn’t resonate. As we soak in this change of season, it may come with a change of heart. Every day we are given a choice—for things to stay the same, or to change. Inside, out, or both. Breathe in and decide what you want. The rest will follow.

Love, love, love.