Summer Packing Guide: Road Trip!

Laurel Pinson
Summer Packing Guide: Road Trip!
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Between the people, parties, and the pool, packing this summer should be easy right? Yet we still find ourselves overwhelmed by this daunting task.  While you could just throw your entire wardrobe into your bag & cross your fingers that you will have everything you need, our editors have come up with a series of packing guides to help you pack efficiently this summer.

Summer is a season that begs for adventure—from new destinations to new activities—and there’s nothing that invites new delights quite like a road trip.

The beauty of a great road trip is that, corny as it sounds, the journey really is the destination. Sure, you may have an eventual endpoint in mind, but the beauty of a great road trip is pulling over at any inspiring roadside attraction that catches your eye—from flea markets to food shacks. (Usually, these stops-along-the-way end up being the highlights of the whole trip!)

Like any excursion, the key to a great road trip is all in what you bring. Let comfort and functionality be the main focus of your packing list: You’ll be in a car a lot so steer clear of anything too tight or restrictive, and make sure to pack items that can do double-duty. Under no circumstances should you bring heels, especially when a great pair of statement sandals can accomplish the same dressed-up look and still allow for long walks.

Click through the gallery to see what to pack for a killer road trip—just don’t forget great music!

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Click through to see what to pack for your summer road trip!

A Killer Cross-body Bag

You're on the go, so hands-free accessories are essential—though that's no reason your bag can't be fabulous as all get-out.

Photo: Loeffler Randall

Shredded Jeans

You're going to spend a lot of time sitting in a car, remember, so opt for something with a slouchy fit that invites more wear and tear.

Photo: Current/Elliot

Glamorous Shades

Pick a pair that makes life on the road seem more classy than it is (ahem, rest stops).

Photo: Illesteva

A Lightweight Linen Tee

A classic white tee is a vacation essential, and linen shows wear and tear better than a crisp white cotton version.

Photo: Madewell

Compact Razor

Honestly, you can never have enough extra space while packing for a trip.  With it's mini-handle and compact case, this Venus razor fits almost anywhere so you're always ready.

A Printed Dress

Pick something that will still look good even after it's been stuffed at the bottom of a bag. Throw it on for a last-minute night stop or a restaurant that's a step above highware fare.

Photo: Zara

Chic Sneakers

Comfort here is key—you're going to be walking a lot when that car stops!—and the good news is that stylish sneakers abound in stores right now. (Bonus: These would look cute with a dress, too!)

Photo: Superga

A Crisp Button-Down

It's amazing what a button-down can do to make you feel just a bit more pulled-together—even if your hair needs a wash.

Photo: J.Crew

Statement Sandals

The great thing about strappy sandals is that you can find a pair that looks super-fancy and are also ridiculously comfortable. (By no stretch of the imagination should you bring heels on this trip!)

Photo: Asos

A Chunky Sweater

Wear it over those shredded jeans with the top of your button-down collar peeking out, or throw it over your shoulders for a more undone look. Bring one in a nice pastel color for some added zip!

Photo: Zara

Unabashedly Fun Earrings

When all else fails, there is nothing like a pair of over-the-top, look-at-me earrings to make your whole outfit feel glam enough to tackle any adventure that comes your way. (Plus, they're easier to pack than an evening gown!)

Photo: J.Crew

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