25 Ways to Wear Sneakers Every Single Day This Summer

25 Ways to Wear Sneakers Every Single Day This Summer
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Photo: Franny Coop

Between Memorial Day and Labor Day, sandals tend to get all the glory in the footwear world. Which is fair enough: After months of tights and boots and other constricting apparatuses, your feet deserve a little fresh air and vitamin D.

That said, sneakers may secretly be the best shoe of summer. Why? A few scenarios that sandals just aren’t cut out for:

a) You’ve been putting off that pedicure for, ummm, a good few weeks now, and you have zero time to go to the salon.
b) You have blisters everywhere—we’re talking soles, heels, toes—and the cushiony comfort of a pair of socks sounds like pure bliss.
c) You actually need to get around quickly. (Anyone who’s ever tried to run for the subway in slides as the doors are closing should feel me on this one.)

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Plus, on top of their practicality, they’re pretty damn cute. When it’s hot out, we like them with anything from pleated skirts and sleeveless dresses to denim minis and overall shorts. In the gallery, we’ve rounded up 25 outfit ideas

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