Stressing about what to wear for your summer internship? We hit Polyvore for a little inspiration and came back with eight great options for the stylish coed.

Summer Internship Style: 8 Looks From Polyvore That Make The Grade

Summer K

Oh summer in the city, how we’ve missed you so.  From our sundresses to our strappy espadrilles, it seems like only yesterday we were throwing on a wool sweater and boots and gritting our way through another below zero day.

And while WE have somewhat of a lax dress code in our offices that allows for whatever the weather may bring, it can be a slippery slope for newly-minted interns set on impressing future bosses. Dress too conservatively and people might think you have no fashion sense. Dress too risque and it could get you sent home.

Obviously there is a happy middle ground that involves many of your favorite of-the-moment looks. From neons and pastels, to color-block dresses and bold prints, you’ve got options aplenty — it’s just a matter of scoping out the best ones that work for your area of interest, expertise AND budget.

Check out our fave eight Polyvore picks above and then click the member links to shop each style!


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