27 Non-Cheesy Summer Dates You’ll Both Love



From wine tastings to outdoor concerts, the best summer dates are about spending time together when temps are high and skies clear. Read on for 27 outings you and bae should try ASAP.

1. Go camping. 

Make it an overnight or weekend trip if you live in a city; or, if you’re in a rural area and are feeling lazy, you can even camp in your own backyard. Bonus if you make s’mores.

2. See a movie—outdoors.

If there’s a drive-in theater nearby, hit that up for an old-fashioned make-out-at-the-movies date; if you live in a city, there are often outdoor film screenings at parks, so bring a blanket (and some covert wine to go with your popcorn) and cuddle up while you watch.

3. Go skinny-dipping.

Wherever and whenever you’re near a body of water and it’s hot out—and you can get away with it—strip your clothes and dive in! If a little sexy time ensues, all the better.



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4. Attend an outdoor concert.

Good music sounds even better when you have the chance to hear it outside. Many parks, wineries, zoos, and public spaces host outdoor concerts, so do some research on what your city has to offer when planning the quintessential summer date.

5. Volunteer together.

Spending time together—while also doing good for others—is a surprisingly strong bonding activity. And in the summertime, there are tons of outdoor opportunities. Find one near you here.

6. Grill it up.

Warmer weather means getting to cook (and eat!) outside. Pick up some fresh produce and meat and get your grill on together. Try some new recipes while you’re at it.

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Beyonce’s Tumblr

7. Go wine-tasting.

Seek out a local winery together and discover your new favorite bottle. Head to Winery Finder to find listings for a nearby location.

8. Daycation at a hotel pool.

If you can’t afford a full-on vacation, check out day rates at your local hotel with pools: Many swanky ones offer day passes that let you to use the amenities for the day.

9. Go food truck-hopping.

No need to settle on one type of cuisine for a summer date. Whether you’re craving grilled cheese, pulled pork sandwiches, dumplings, or all of the above, create your own tasting menu by visiting a variety of food trucks on a date. Download an app like Roaming Hunger on your phone to see where your city’s best trucks are parked.



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10. Watch a game.

It doesn’t matter if your seats are in the nosebleed section, it just matters that you’re doing something fun together (while eating hot-dogs and drinking beer, obvs.)

11. Do some star-gazing.

Cheesy as it might sound, there’s no better time of year to go outside together and check out the sky. If light pollution is a problem where you live, make a note to do this at night next time you’re in a more rural area (or use this as an excuse to get out of town and find one!)

12. Go boating.

Go kayaking or sailing for an afternoon: You can rent your own boats or go on a chartered sail, and some cities even have free kayaking programs like this one in NYC, so see what’s available in your city.



13. Grab a cold treat.

The great thing about summer dates is that doing almost anything outside is fun. Get two ice cream cones, fro-yos, or smoothies, sip, and enjoy being together.

14. Share a romantic picnic dinner.

Nothing beats the classic picnic date. Pack a picnic basket with a good bottle of wine and your favorite easy-to-eat foods. Don’t forget to pack a blanket that’s just big enough to fit all of your stuff, but just small enough for a little intimacy.

15. Watch the sun set.

Yeah, sounds a little dorky, but the beauty of summer is how long the days are, which makes it a lot easier to catch the sun going down. Make an evening of it; bring a bottle of wine to a park, meadow, or lake, and enjoy being alone together in nature.



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16. Spend a day at the dog run.

The perfect date for animal lovers? Heading to a park or dog run near your house or borrowing a friend’s puppy for an afternoon walk.

17. Have a nostalgic mini-golf date. 

Time travel back to elementary school with a round of putt-putt at your favorite mini-golf spot.

18. Take a surf class together.

In the mood for an athletic date? Take a surf lesson together. The couple that surfs together, (might) stay together.



19. Wander around the farmer’s market. 

Spend a lazy weekend morning nibbling on samples of locally grown produce, and then pick up some ingredients to cook up together.

20. The “selfie” date. 

Test out your artistic side, and spend the day wandering around and taking portrait shots of each other, and of course yourselves together, as well as the landscape around you. #Makingmemories.

21. Splurge on cocktails at a rooftop bar.

You’ve been waiting all year for weather like this! Take advantage of it on your next summer date by heading to a rooftop bar and splurging on cocktails.



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22. Head to an amusement park.

They’re so not just for kids: Make a beeline for the ferris wheel, that must-try new roller coaster, or the cotton candy machine.

23. Spend the afternoon gallery hopping.

A little bit of wandering, a little of art, maybe a great lunch thrown in the mix? Gallery-hopping is the perfect plan for a weekend afternoon date.

24. Visit a local farm.  

Pick a little, eat a little. Visit a local farm and pick fruit like blueberries, strawberries, or raspberries. Apart from the fact you’re eating the freshest produce around, it’s a nice way to get out to the country for the day.



25. Rent bikes.

Spend the day bike riding around your city or town, and make some fun stops along the way.

26. Take a hike.

Look up where the most scenic hikes are located in your area, or just pick a cool new neighborhood to take a long walk around, and pack a picnic lunch.

27. The beer garden date. 

This is self-explanatory: Find the nearest and best outdoor beer garden. Stake out great seats. Spend the day trying new brews and talking. There’s nothing better!

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