And Summer Blows Away…


Anyone who has come through the StyleCaster office doors can testify to this: Janice Chou is the number one advocate for short shorts. My shorts are impossibly short. I’m about a quarter inch away from actually having the pockets hang down lower than the bottom hem (I do have some restraint– please, I’m a lady). Night or day, my gams refuse to be confined in pants.

Alas, it has finally happened, the summer has passed and I just got slapped across the face by autumn’s cold temperatures. With indie rock’s The Decemberists’ beach nostalgic “Summersong” in the background and the mercury dropping, I must sadly fold up the shortest shorts that ever did short. What’s ironic is that with this seasonal change, I backlash against my exposed summer legs and start sporting the tightest straight leg jeans I can get my hands on.

My first destination for jeans that are virtually painted on is Uniqlo. Although its most commonly known for its affordable cashmere sweaters and a color palette that rivals American Apparel’s, Uniqlo has since expanded out to graphic t-shirts and adorable bottoms. Despite the daunting floor-to-ceiling lay out of the store, all the styles are well organized and I can rush in and pick up a pair of my favorite cut, the Extremely Skinny Fit Jeans. Uniqlo jeans are available in virtually every wash and made with Ring denim that holds the brightest dyes but naturally fade with wear. Fortunately, these jeans range from only $39.50 to $59.50, making them the perfect fall investment, if you can even categorize them as such.

Don’t fret, my legs; the autumn reinforcements are here and brighter and tighter than ever!

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