Sugar Ray Reunion (Really? Really.)


Mark McGrath— no longer the news breaking host of Access Hollywood delivering hard hitting journalism– is now organizing a Sugar Ray reunion. Far from their hayday, Sugar Ray confesses that they are well past their expiration date.

As McGrath expained to Billboard, “We have realistic views of how the music industry is today. I know people aren’t sitting on the edge of their seats waiting for a Sugar Ray record.”

They’re like that loaf of bread in the back of your fridge when it’s gotten moldy on one heel but you’re like, “Well… The other side is still good… Right? I can eat it…” I mean, yeah Sugar Ray made some catcy tunes when McGrath’s bleached hair tips were sexy but should you really eat the half that is stale at best?

Regardless, Sugar Ray’s new album, “Music for Cougers” is out July 21st. Wait. “Music for Cougars.” What? Seriously? I was like thirteen when you guys were considered sexy and racy; am I a cougar? I think I’m more of a cub. Rawr!

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