Substance and Style: News You Should Know on 9.30.11

Jessica Hoppe

Forever 21 is up to its usual tricks — knocking off the industry’s best selling pieces to turn a profit in a hurry. Recent copies ofMade Her Think‘s pieces are making headlines as this theft of intellectual property cripples small brands like Made Her Think.The original $345 “Horizons Necklace” by Made Her Think can’t possible compete with the nearly identical one by Forever 21 at $14.80.

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Damn, my girlChelsea Handler has donevery well for herself! The high-powered late-night talk show host is dating equally high-poweredhotelierAndre Balazs, a multi-millionaire who she happily paraded during a shopping trip in Beverly Hills.

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The Dow Jones Industrial Average will close todaydown 240.67 points ending one of the exchange’s worst quarters in years.It was down over 10 percent the entire quarter, the largest percentage decline since the first quarter of 2009 and the worst point drop since the lowest depths of the financial crisis in late 2008.

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BBC interviewers were left shockedas self-described’independent trader’Alessio Rastani admitted that members of his profession ‘don’t really care that much’ about the prospect of an economic collapse. He went on to claimthe City just ‘loves’ an economic disaster and describedhis hopes of profiting from a recession, saying: ‘The governments don’t rule the world – Goldman Sachs rules the world.’ Rastani is now being out-ed with many coming forward to call him and the interview a fraud.

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It seems no one watches late-night television anymore. Both Leno and Letterman who dominate the circuit, lost viewership in the all-important young people demo—Letterman lost 270,000 viewers from last year while Leno lost 200,000. Overall, Letterman lost 560,000 viewers, with Leno losing only 160,000. Who is beating both of them, you ask?Nightline.


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