Substance and Style: News You Should Know on 8.16.11

Jessica Hoppe

What happens when you mess with the Prez? You get the boot!Daryn Moran, Birther Sargeant who doubtedObama‘s citizenship, was discharged.

[ViaHuff Post]

Just when you thought they learned their lesson with the movie, er two movies, Sex and the City is back to annihilate any credibility or fond memory of the original. Sources say the CW is eyeing a prequel series, which is so strange because they have such impeccable taste. I mean…Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill (that still exists), Smallville??!! So good!

[Via Deadline]

Check out these 5 beauty lessons you can learn from Guiliana Rancic. You think one of them is the address for In & Out Burger? Cause she needs a burger STAT!

[Via US Weekly]

Talk about cutting costs-check out Pringle of Scotland’s collaboration with the students ofCentral Saint Martins aka the Parsons of London. Pretty dope collection.

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Jennifer Hudson says “I’m prouder of my weight loss than my Oscar!” Duh, I would be too. No, that’s wrong to say..