Substance and Style: News You Should Know on 10.20.11

Jessica Hoppe

Don’t you love when the 1percenters join the 99percenters down at the “OWS” protests? The latest to join the ranksmultimillionaire heiressMeghan McCain is occupying Wall Street andtweeting pictures from the trenches of wealth disparity.


M.C Hammer (real name Stanley Burrell) rapper-turned-entrepreneurhas rolled out a search engine he hopes will outperform Google, Bing and other established tools.Hammer says the project, calledWireDoo, features a”deep search” ability, which makes it a superior search tool thanGoogle.


Patrizia Reggiani who has now served half her 26-year prison sentence for arranging ex-husband Maurizio Gucci’s murder rejected her option for”semi-freedom” which she is eligible for by Italian law. Why? The deal would require holding down a part-time job, to which Reggiani says: “No, thank you. I’ve never worked in my life.”


Riots have spread around the world like wild fire with Greece losing a protest in a violent uprising today. Tens of thousands rallied outside the parliament building as lawmakers debated the unpopular measures, aimed at bringing down the country’s huge national debt.As Greek lawmakers voted to approve a new round of tough budget-cutting measures, the initially peaceful protest turned violent with rocks and firebombs claiming one life.


Nicolas andCarla Bruni-Sarkozy have named theirnewborn daughter Giulia.France’s First Lady made the announcement on herofficial website Thursday, saying, “I am deeply touched by the many messages of congratulations that I have received since the birth of our daughter.”


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