8 Pairs Of Jelly Shoes That Are Totally Chic (No, Really!)

Meghan Blalock

fendi cropFendi’s Hydra Platform will run you $395.

Every Wednesday, StyleCaster holds #StyleChat on Twitter (get involved!), during which fashion-savvy tweeters virtually meet up to discuss all thing style. As usual, today’s discussion was filled with lots of heated debates over what’s hot and what’s not, but one particular thread revolved around those relics of the ’90s that seem to be making a comeback: jelly shoes.

A staple of many of our childhoods, jellies are quite divisive. One reader testified that the rubber actually rubbed her ankles raw, which she insisted was “not a good look.” Another suggested to opt for a nice lucite heel as a grown-up alternative to plastic “jelly” material. With high-fashion brands like Fendi (above), mid-priced brands like French Connection, and even shoe god Jimmy Choo making their own versions of the jelly, we had to take another look.

Most people would consider dropping nearly $400 for a pair of jelly sandals completely absurd, but we can’t deny the allure of the above Fendi beauties. They’re a prime example of how a high-end brand has given chic appeal to a trend that can easily cross the line into too-cutesy territory.

Below, see seven more pairs that are just as chic, but decidedly less harmful to your wallet!

Screen Shot 2013-05-29 at 4.51.12 PMMelissa Jelly Wedge Sandals, $145; at Saks

topshop jelly cropMulti Strappy Jellies, $28; at Topshop

sergio rossi cropSergio Rossi Thong Sandal, $179; at Nordstrom

juju cropJuJu Petra Light Green Lattice Jellies, $23; at New Look

jimmy choo crop

Maui Pink Floral Jelly Sandals, $195; at Jimmy Choo

french connection cropTerri Jelly Bottom Sandals, $80; at French Connection

Screen Shot 2013-05-29 at 4.57.12 PMJeffrey Cambpell Syma Wedge, $108; at Nasty Gal

So, what do you think of the jelly shoe craze: yay or nay? Tell us in the comments below!

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