20 Stylish Instagram Accounts You Haven’t Discovered Yet

20 Stylish Instagram Accounts You Haven’t Discovered Yet
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Thanks to Instagram’s divisive algorithm update, I seem to only see the same 10 big fashion bloggers in my newsfeed every day and night—and as much as I can appreciate Aimee Song’s style, there are only so many off-the-shoulder tops and denim cutoffs you need to see in a week. So in an effort to diversify my feed with more than the same handful of chic women, I went on a hunt for the underrated, undiscovered style influencers ruling the ’Gram. Click through the slideshow and you’ll find cool designers, stylists, publicists, editors, and, yes, bloggers that are worthy of your follow. Keep clicking!

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Georgia Zogopoulos, @georgiazogopoulos

Sydney-based head of PR for C/meo Collective, Finders Keepers, and Keepsake

Photo: instagram / @gigihatzis

Frédérique Harrel, @freddieharrel

UK-based blogger and consultant

Photo: instagram / @freddieharrel

Cindy van der Heyden, @cottds

Netherlands-based style blogger

Photo: instagram / @cottds

Jiawu Liu, @beigerenegade

Grazia Australia market editor

Photo: instagram / @beigerenegade

Hermione Underwood, @hermioneolivia

UK-based travel and style blogger and digital consultant

Photo: instagram

Krystal Schlegel, @krystalschlegel

Texas-based style blogger and stylist

Photo: instagram / @krystalschlegel

Rachel Zeilic, @rachelzeilic

Creative director of fashion label Majorelle and cofounder of Stylestalker

Photo: instagram / @rachelzeilic

Psyche Southwell, @economyofstyle 

St. Louis–based blogger and creative



Photo: instagram / @economyofstyle

Elly McGaw, @ellymcgaw

Sydney-based interior designer and stylist

Photo: instagram / @ellymcgaw

Joi, @inmyjoi

Fashion blogger based in L.A.

Photo: instagram / @inmyjoi

Chloe Hollywood, @chloehollywood

Paris-based content creator

Photo: instagram / @chloehollywood

Kendall Sargeant, @kndlsargeant

L.A.-based PR director for Australian brands including Cameo, Fashion Bunker, and Finders Keepers.

Photo: instagram / @kndlsargeant

Jazz Mignone, @umyeahthanks

Creative based in Adelaide, Australia.

Photo: instagram

Kelly Augustine, @kellyaugustineb

New York–based fashion blogger.

Photo: instagram / @kellyaugustine

Sally and Molly Miller, @apieceoftoast

Texas-based bloggers

Photo: instagram

Cydney Morris, @viciously_cyd

Designer and co-owner of Stone Cold Fox

Photo: instagram / @cyd_morris

Mary Lawas, @franzblog

Australian fashion designer

Photo: instagram / @maryfranz__


Style and travel blogger

Photo: instagram / @ionamac

Merritt Beck, @merrittbeck

Texas-based style blogger

Photo: instagram / @merrittbeck

Chloe Hill, @chloehill

Oyster Magazine market editor

Photo: instagram

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